The Spirits Speak: Two people want the same thing…

Two people want the same thing,
how is this going to roll?

The Deck: After Tarot 
The Cards:  Page/swords; 4/pentacles; 5/swords; 9/pentacles — reversed; 8/wands; 9/swords

Today the cards are talking about opposition.  Two people trying with great effort to both claim the same thing,   And all this time, a third party trying desperately to hang onto it, whatever “it” is… general reading here, so there are many possibilities and scenarios:  a relationship, a material item, opportunities, a job, privileges, etc.

There is a lot of swift and impulsive communication going on, meaning that things will be said that may later be regretted, the truths may be stretched or exaggerated, as each party tries to make their case (court case? — for someone).  It actually feels like two parties verbally bringing this issue before someone.  There is the feeling of each trying to convince a person who will make a decision that they are the better choice.  Who are they trying to convince?… a judge, a lover, an employer?

A swift decision will be coming.  The page of swords will get what it is they want, but the victory will be shallow, and it will lack the feel-good energy of  a genuine victory.  It will taste bittersweet.  The opposing party will be left decimated, and it may be a while before they can emotionally and mentally work through what it is they lost… and why.


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