Stereotypically Deliciously Wicked ~ Wicked Witch Fidelity Spells

(Oh, come on now, you know you would, if you could)

“Make Her Behave” Knot Spell

If you’re considering using this spell, you apparently have a lady with a voracious appetite for sex and not much of a penchant for monogamy. You will use this spell to tame the wild beast, to curb her philandering behavior, and to keep her charms all to yourself.

For this spell you’ll want a red ribbon, traditionally nine feet in length, the typical length for knot magick. You will anoint this ribbon with intimate fluids from her body. This spell may take several days to complete, for over the course of time, you will call out your woman’s name, and once she responds to your voice, you will tie a knot in the red ribbon.

You will tie knots in the red ribbon in the order that follows:


When this part of the spell has finally been completed, and all nine knots are tied, you will place this ribbon in a red bag. Along with the ribbon, you will add a pubic hair from this fem-fatale and copious amounts of nutmeg.

Keep this charm close. As long as you have it, you have the upper hand; and your enchantress shall receive all of her satisfaction from you and you alone.

“Keep Him Faithful” Spell

This spell is the feminine version of the ‘Make Her Behave’ spell for men, only there’s a special twist at the end. For traditional knot magick, as I’ve said, you want a red ribbon approximately nine feet in length, and you will be tying nine knots in this ribbon in a particular order– one knot every time you get your man to answer to your call. It may take a while for you to complete this first phase of the spell, but patience is required, and it will be worth it in the end.

As stated above, this is the order in which you will tie the knots:


After the first phase of the spell is complete, you’ve called your man’s name nine times, and nine times he’s answered you, it’s time to add this ribbon to a red bag.

Here’s where this spell can take a little twist from the version above. If you are working this magick, it’s obviously because your man has been– or is being– unfaithful. Think long and hard about whether you want this character back, whether you want to keep him and his manly charms all to yourself, or would you rather have revenge?

To keep him faithful: Place this red knotted ribbon in a red bag, along with one of the target’s pubic hairs and plenty of nutmeg to inspire monogamy and adoring faithfulness.


To kill his libido and bring on a bout of impotence: Place this red knotted ribbon in a red bag and add one of your man’s pubic hairs to the bag as well. You will also add the following items — cayenne pepper, Goofer Dust, a length of morning glory vine, and the carcass of a fly. Now spit in the bag and seal it shut. Bury this delectable little morsel in the ground, preferably on land that belongs to the target, or at least in a place close by, where you know that it will not be undisturbed.


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