The Spirits Speak ~ You have been chosen as the catalyst

The Deck:  Green Witchcraft Tarot
The Cards:  The Battle Wagon — reversed; The Sidhe; 2/pentacles

Someone is going no where fast, and you seem to be the individual the universe has chosen to set this someone right.  (lucky you)  While they are charging through life, barrelling along at breath taking speed towards a predictable crash, you may feverishly be working behind the scenes to manifest a right outcome for them, even though they seem to be oblivious, or don’t much care. There is the distinct feeling that your interference will be met with resentment and passionate resistance.  Ignore this, do it anyway.  In the end — when their eyes are finally open to reality, or they see a positive outcome through you — they will be grateful.  For now, they will be a brat.

Catalyst... a person or thing that precipitates an event.


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