The Things We Do for Love n’ Money

The introduction to Part 4: Magick for Love n’ Money, page 146, in my book:
Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way @ Amazon

Two things in this world that most preoccupy our minds and determine the quality of our existence are love and money.  We can’t survive without one, and we don’t want to live without the other.  But even in the midst of working magick to bring love and money into our lives, we self-consciously feel the need to temper this desire and our magick with self-imposed restrictions:  “This spell is not to make you rich…“; “It’s unethical to target a particular person in a love spell…“; “Only ask for the necessities…“.

In the midst of the magick, we feel compelled to hold back, whether through societal conditioning or mainstream religious influence.  It’s only when the witch can step beyond these boundaries — into the realm of the Wild Woman, the wizard, the world of infinite possibilities and unbridled occult energy — that she can throw restraint to the winds and attain that which she truly desires and deserves.

Use the correspondences in this section to bring into your life riches that will heighten your existence and love that will take your breath away.

If you don’t already have a copy of this book, click on the link at the beginning of this post to purchase your copy at Amazon — in Print or Kindle.

Of all the books on spells and potions and foot stompin’ magick I’ve written, this is my favorite.  It’s absolutely filled with magical gems rooted in hoodoo and witchcraft.  It’s also the book where I’ve been the most open and frank when it comes to discussing several hot-topic issues in our occult circles that trigger some people.  If you agree with my philosophy and perspective, yay!!, you’ll love this book; and if you don’t — then write a review, let’s hear your perspective.


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