Chipping Away/Beware the frienemey

Your Daily Cards:
3/pentacles; 3/swords; The Magician — reversed; 10/wands — reversed

You’ve been chipping away at something for quite some time now, diligently, even patiently.  The cards tell me that this is not the first such scenario for you, twice before you’ve done this.  “The third time is the charm”, I hear in my head.  This is what people around you were telling you, at the beginning anyway.  Many of these people have since fallen by the wayside, grown impatient with you and your newest project, feeling that they’ve seen this all before.

Still, you keep chipping away, focused and undeterred by the lack of support.

It hurt, deeply, whatever this thing was that caused your heartbreak, this thing that brought you so much sorrow out of the teeth of despair, this thing that had once been hopeful, and bright, and potentially miraculous, all shiny and new.  Though it feels as those this thing rests in the past, you still shed a tear on many a day, brought on by memories and having survived the storm.

The cards tell me that there was one major individual who had a hand in all this, supported by someone too cowardly to come out publicly and truthfully state their opinion.  Beware this individual, they did not support you then, and they do not support you now.  They lurk around the edges of your life disguised as a friend.

You have not yet manifested what it is you so desire, but your persistence is to be admired.  There is another direction that you are meant to go, even though you are trying very hard not to think about this possibility.  But do think, deeply and with much clarity, be open to other options, choose wisely, maybe you have done all you can chipping away at this thing.  Maybe Spirit is offering you an alternative, another opportunity, another life path, that is waiting for you.

Know that changing direction, changing focus, changing your life will not make the burdens of regret, sadness, or heartbreak go away.  You will just be made stronger, and you will be able to carry them more easily on your journey, bolstered by new experiences, renewed energy, and unexpected blessings received along the way.


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