Time to Shift the Focus ~ on yourself

You have been pitted against conventionality for quite some time now.  You may even find yourself nose to nose with an individual that is closed to all those things your heart is open to.  You’ve approached them before, many times, armed (you thought) with all the right words to fracture the wall they have built around themselves.

They keep a very tight rope on those they are connected to, those more pliable individuals, often shielding them from a truth, or the real story, about you — and them — or something even bigger.  The cards tell me this has been an ongoing thing for a very long time now, so long that how or why it started may be lost in the dark mist of time and motive and reason.

They are impenetrable at this point, but you already know that.  In their mind they are right, and they always will be.  This idea is so entrenched within them, whether it is a reality or not, and even if it never was.  They’ve grown to believe it, for real.  The cards tell me that it’s time for you to shift your focus now, to yourself.  Happiness is only a decision away.  

You’ve lost enough time.


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