A Saga

  • First impression

Someone has given you a long laundry list of rules, do’s and don’ts, too many to take in.  The cards tell me that this is a very demanding individual, one that feels entitled and is use to getting their way.  I don’t see you acting on all these demands; but I do see someone standing near your shoulder, whispering wise counsel in your ear… this is either a family member, friend, confidant, or a loved one who has passed and still wants to look out for you.  

  • The story

The cards tell me that there once was a situation that felt fairly happy and normal, but things have changed.  There now appears to be a setting where everyone is doing their own thing and no one seems to be thinking about how this will affect the family unit as a whole.  While half of the clan run amuck, there are two individuals so caught up with their own drama they are completely oblivious to the chaos around them… except for one person, so it seems, and this individual has had enough.  They will be making an exit, stage right.

The cards tell me that this individual has become disillusioned, frustrated, and simply does not know what else to do to cope.  So their solution is to simply leave. (I have to wonder, amidst all the hubbub and noise and confusion, will anyone notice their absence?)

The bottom line for this scenario is that you can’t get rid of burdens so easily… anxiety, worry, indecision, melancholy will all be there, this individual will just be wallowing in them in their own solitary little world.

  • The advice

To the noisy self-absorbed people in this story — shut up and listen.  To the couple who are so wrapped up in themselves they aren’t paying attention to anyone around them — maybe you need some time apart, this sounds more like myopic obsession than love.  To the individual who leaves the sinking ship… if you are not able to move forward while leaving this chaos cleanly behind you, go back and make some noise, find  your voice, stop suffering in silence, knock a few heads together (figuratively) because it appears you’ve never done this before.  It’s long overdue.


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