9 cards ~ lots going on here

So, I’ve basically spent this lazy hot Sunday wrestling with Microsoft word doing final edits on my ninth book.  I’m actually tired, it’s almost like it was a physical wrestling match rather than a pitting of my wits against technology. But after a nice cold beer, very refreshing, and some calm moments at the dining room table with my new tarot deck, I feel ready to take a look at the cards and see what all they have to say to us —  nine cards, that is.  Here we go…

  • 1.  There is someone who appears to have lost their equilibrium as well as their identity and their honest sense of self because they’re so over-burdened by something in their life it has taken over.  If this is you, what has thrown you for such a loop?  How did you get to the point where you just accept it without question?  What would it take for you to ground yourself and find your center?  What would it take for you to put down the load you carry, or delegate some of this responsibility?  
  • 2.  There is someone who is really stuck in their ways; I mean they hate change with a vengeance, and boy are they fighting it.  If this is you, how long has this struggle and resistance gone on, and how long do you think you can keep it up?  Transformations are never easy, and you are only going to make it more difficult and more prolonged if you remain resistant.  Most people around you only see a very stubborn and illogical person when they look at you, but I see someone who is terrified of this change.  I see someone who is struggling to keep their peaceful and consistent world around them unchanged.
  • 3.  There is someone who is facing a financial question, or dilemma, or change.  If this is you, know that you have two really good offers coming in.  These are sound financial opportunities, both from reliable sources, and they both have good intentions behind them… but (there’s always a but), the cards are telling me that you should choose:  1)  the older individual making this offer; 2)  the older more established institution making this offer; 3)  the individual that’s been aware of and working on this situation the longest.
  • 4.  There are two individuals who couldn’t be more opposed or opposite each other.  The cards tell me that because of this stubborn opposition and the fact that neither one of you will back down and compromise, you might never reach a satisfying and happy conclusion.  Do you really want to stand there with your feet dug in, expending so much energy to hold your position?  It’s making me tired just looking at the cards, you both must be exhausted, and when you keep something like this up, you miss out on a lot of happiness that passes you by.  The cards tell me that there is a happy ending in sight, really, there is.  The question is, which one of you is going to take the first step towards respectful negotiation?
  • 5.  This is a hard one.  It involves a great transition, and it involves a very humble starting over.  Someone may actually be starting over minus an influence in their life that gave them much encouragement and positive direction.  It involves something so life altering that I, for one, would have to draw more cards on this situation.  It looks like someone is going to learn independence the hard way, by being thrown into the midst of life, expected to find and stand on their own two feet.
  • 6.  There is someone who’s done more than their fair share for so long.  You’ve just about worn out your shoulders from the burdens and responsibilities that other people have expected you to carry, and you’ve done this for so long — and quietly, without complaint.  It’s going to be a total shock to the people who have benefited from this when you literally throw off those shackles and discover new found freedom.  The cards tell me you shouldn’t feel guilty about putting your life first, really, you’ve done more than enough.  The thing I’m curious about, what’s it going to be that prompts you to do this?  It looks like it’s something really — really — big.

2 thoughts on “9 cards ~ lots going on here

  1. Hi Amythyst,

    It’s always a joy to read these. Some freak me out and some make me think way too much 🙂 However, I love them! Thank you so much for these readings. Kindest regards to you and yours with much respect, Peter

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