It All Points to a Relationship

The nine cards I’ve just laid all tend to figuratively spread out in a wide fanning ark around one particular card:  the Ace of cups.  (a new relationship)

Here’s the advice the cards have for today

  • 1)  Don’t juggle two of these (relationships) at the same time.
  • 2)  Don’t move too fast, or you won’t be moving at all.
  • 3)  You might have to wind up making a choice, and the sooner the better.
  • 4)  Don’t rush in, all loud and obnoxious, filled with braggadocio. (This is the first time I’ve ever got to use that word)
  • 5)  On the other hand, don’t give the impression of being disinterested, or play hard to get.  It might backfire.
  • 6)  It might start off all sweaty and passionate, but it’s going to piddle out if you don’t put effort into keeping it up. (The passion, that is)
  • 7)  There may be an unexpected third option that comes along, so don’t commit too soon, or at least make sure that you really mean it when you do.
  • 8)  There’s a Queen here who may appear aloof.  Don’t let that facade fool you, she feels deeply and passionately, she just maintains a cool exterior. (You’re in for a surprise)


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