Time is of the Essence ~ time sensitive decisions to be made

A destructive experience, an unpleasant transition, or a lost opportunity can be avoided by laying down the sword and entering negotiations.  It (that sword) is probably getting pretty heavy by now, you’ve been holding it for quite some time, it’s a metaphor for your defensiveness in or about a particular situation.

You feel powerless in the face of seemingly impossible decisions.  This is causing an abundance of anxiety and sleepless nights.

You’re receiving a genuine and very generous offer or opportunity, but it’s that chip on your shoulder that’s going to reflect the final outcome.  Either way, the events connected here are going to play out very fast.  This means there will be no time for second guessing.

  • Again, a repetitive theme plays on in today’s cards:  There’s an offer, a decision to be made, negotiations that must be seen through to avoid complete annihilation of — a dream, a goal, an opportunity, a relationship, a business deal — by making a decision, and making it quickly.

Time is of the essence.


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