The Spokes in a Wheel

At the center of this reading is the Knight of swords.  He is you, whether you are male or female.

In true gallant fashion, you have your sword drawn, and you’re trying valiantly to take care of, manage, complete, face, and solve all of the issues of daily life that are thrown your way.  You are the hub of this wheel, and all of life’s issues are the spokes.

  • Have you figured out how to handle the domineering individual in your life?  The one who feels that they have the solution to everything and that anyone else’s ideas couldn’t possibly be right.  Beware this person, not only is their egotistical and haughty superiority irritating, it can be devastating for your own self-confidence and damaging to your ego.  Sometimes people try to give their opinion to “help”, but they have ulterior motives, sometimes motives they may not even admit to themselves.
  • Dwelling on your past and eternally wondering “what could I have done differently” won’t change the present circumstances.  What it will do is hound your soul with guilt and regret.  Don’t look back, look to the future and what you need to do NOW, in the present, to make that future bright and successful.
  • You may be all primed for a large event or celebration.  Hold your horses, or rather, don’t put the cart before the horse.  This may be in the plans, but it may very well not come to fruition.  How would this make you feel?… relieved, sad, angry?
  • A lot of the chaos you’re experiencing around a situation is caused by someone being dishonest and deceitful.  Quell the lies, and the chaos dies.
  • There’s something you’ve been putting off doing.  Do that.  You’ll feel better.
  • You may be in a hurry, or you may be dealing with something now that is time sensitive.  Stop stressing about it.  This is something that is going to happen, conclude, transpire, or manifest at it’s own pace.  And right now, it’s not in any hurry.

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