Second Chance

You didn’t get a chance to complete something in life, so the universe is going to give you another go around, another chance.  This time it would behoove you to recognize this chance, to meet the demands and the work and the energy head on, face to face.

The first time you gave this a go (and it feels like so many possibilities, because this is a general reading:  I’m getting a relationship; I’m getting something in the intellectual field; I’m getting something very personal, that is keeping itself hidden from me; and I’m also getting something that was/is pivotal to your adult life and how you live, or how you want to live); anyway, the first time you gave this a go, there was a giant mis-step.

At the end of this experience, or shall we say the second time around with this experience, you will be successful.  Some of you may be mildly successful and possibly view the outcome as rather anticlimactic after all these years of wishing for another try.  There are others who will be over-the-top ecstatic and elated at the feeling of completing something, doing something successfully, or reviving something that you thought was lost forever.


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