A Place to Record Your Progress & Inspirations ~ The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening

This little handbook and journal is special because I wanted you to be able to make this book your own, to add your private thoughts, inspiration that strikes out-of-the-blue, and positive affirmations.  I wanted this book to be a companion to you as your spiritual explorations and awakenings unfold.  There are ample pages of lined paper for you to write on, a beautiful watercolor wash that’s inspiring on its own, just waiting for you to put pen in hand.

I’m so proud of this beautiful book, and I know that my own personal copy will become a keepsake journal mirroring my own spiritual journey.

Please be sure to order your copy now, and if the spirit moves you, leave a review or a few words at Amazon.  Thank you so much for supporting my books over the years and traveling this marvelous mystic path with me.

Amythyst Raine

Order your copy @Amazon


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