My New Book ~ your moment of enlightenment

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[Excerpt: The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening]


We are spiritual beings. It often seems, in the chaos of living in our modern world, this side of ourselves gets lost. If you are reading this book, Spirit has tapped you on the shoulder and invited you to get reacquainted with this aspect of yourself. My hope is that this book will help you do that.

Whatever has brought you to this moment in life, where you seek to acknowledge and understand the deeper mysteries of existence, know that it is a priceless opportunity for you to discover new knowledge and answers to many of life’s questions. You have been given the chance to change the course of your life, the path you will take.

This is your personal journey of spiritual awakening, your moment of enlightenment followed by a lifetime of development. Allow your soul to soar to new heights. Allow your life to be touched by the infinite and the impossible. Allow your spirit to freely explore all the avenues and paths that call to you.

If you’ve read your new copy and have had time to get acquainted with it, jump on over to amazon with the following link and leave a word about the book. I will greatly appreciate it — thank you!!


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