These Cards Need Time to Flesh Out Their Story

I just laid these cards very early this morning, when I was finished watering the flowers, and I was hot and sweaty from being outside in this dark, barely light, overcast, 90+ degree morning.  And here they are.  As I turned each one, I spoke its message out loud, doing my “scratchings” in my notebook, as I usually do, so the story already has a frame.

Today I’ll give you a picture of the cards and the “outline” of their story, those first words that came to me with each card.  Then I’ll let the cards lay, as along as it takes, so they can tell their story, so they can give us a more complete picture.

8/pentacles:  someone at work

The Fool:  the beginning of something new

Ace/cups:  a relationship

Knight/swords:  happens fast, a whirlwind

Wheel of Fortune:  changes everything

7/cups:  a lot of decisions to make

I can’t wait to hear more of the story.  If this resonates with you, keep thinking about it, the universe (and spirit) will connect the dots, just like magic, works every time.


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