Thank you! ~ but…

I have been inundated during the last year with emails and texts from a variety of people and companies all requesting that I accept their services for publicity, book promotions, ads, literary representation, even website development and promotion.

To YouTube promoters, professional book reviewers, publicists, website promotional teams, literary agents, and all the other many talented people who have reached out in some capacity and who wish to help me sell books or become a YouTube sensation, thank you for reaching out, but…

I enjoy making videos for my little YouTube channel and doing general readings — and then only when I feel like it. I believe that if a reading is meant for someone, Spirit will lead them to it. I’m not posting these videos to reach a gazillion people. My videos are not even monetized; I don’t receive any compensation for the production of them, and that’s okay.  Some of my videos contain advertisements, and that’s because YouTube has added them to these videos and is profiting from them.  I would prefer that my videos remain ad-free, but that is not a choice that I have.

At this age and stage of life, I don’t pay for publicity, promotions, agents, or advertisements. I’m a 65-year-old retiree on social security enjoying a more leisurely approach to life.

However, again, thank you for reaching out and showing interest in my books, my YouTube channel, as well as my blogs and websites, and future projects.  It’s nice to know that you’re never too old and that what you are writing and creating looks inviting and promising.


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