PODCAST, Short n’ Sweet ~ One Card Interpretations

If one of these scenarios resonates with you and you would like an expanded reading on the subject, email me at: 


Type “Expanded Reading” in the subject line, and let me know which card/scenario it is that you want me to expand on. *Note ~ these readings are FREE, and these readings are done for entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee that every request will result in a video. 

In this video the cards do tell…

1) 10/cups ~ The Bottom Rung

2) 10/swords ~ Libra Complex

3) Knight/pentacles ~ “A” for Effort 

4) The Chariot ~ A Dose of Guidance

5) Ace/cups (Reversed) ~ Secret Admirer 

6) 2/swords ~ You Can Fool Some of the People

7) Knight/swords (Reversed) ~ Verbal Backfire

8) 6/swords ~ Moving On

9) The High Priestess ~ The Social Pariah


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