PODCAST ~ Requested: The Hermit & Relationships, expanded

Requested: The Hermit & a Potential New Relationship, expanded. Here’s a link to the original video with the short n’ sweet reading that birthed this scenario…https://youtu.be/E0qo8h15J9M

Welcome to Arizona and my home. In the quiet, amidst the calls of birds, we dive into a grid of cards and explore relationships, personal connections, decisions, and life. If you enjoy my videos, or find them helpful, please be sure to Like & Subscribe so that other people can find them too. And if you haven’t already purchased my new books, The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening and The Divine Me, you can do that using the links below. If Spirit moves you, leave a brief book review, or a few words at Amazon, that would be amazing!

Please and thank you in advance!

New Release, my 10th book, The Divine Me, has been published and is available at Amazon.  Follow this link:  click  HERE

My book, The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening, is up at Amazon and available for purchase. Follow this link:  click  HERE


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