PODCAST, Requested ~ Hitting the wall

Today’s requested reading is all about hitting a brick wall, not knowing which way to go or what to do about your situation. Well, we’re going to find out what the possibilities are and how to proceed forward. The biggest thing to come out of this reading was a single clairsentient thought… “Why are you waiting for someone else to make a decision that affects your life?” 


This reading was requested from my previous “Short n’ Sweet” video, which contained 9 scenarios. A link to the video that birthed today’s expanded reading is below. As always, if any of theses short scenarios connect with you and you would like to request an expanded reading on the topic, you can email me at: 


Type “Expanded Reading” in the subject line, and let me know which card/scenario it is that you want me to expand on. 

*Note ~ these readings are FREE, and these readings are done for entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee that every request will result in a video. 

PODCAST, Short n’ Sweet ~ 9 scenarios, so who’s dealing with the narcissist? https://youtu.be/uWLCC-tzhvM


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