PODCAST, Requested ~ Taking Stock

This is the final request I have for an expanded reading from my last Short n’ Sweet podcast (link to it is below & in the video). I will be gone and off on an adventure from April 1 — April 5th, so I most likely will not be posting another video until sometime the end of next week. And I’m going to be starting off with a brand new “Short n’ Sweet” reading to birth some new scenarios. We’ll find out what Spirit and the universe want to bring to our attention, what they want us to focus on, figure out, or bring to fruition.

For this video, to the individual who requested it… Holy buckets!! I was feeling your vibes today. This reading sucked the energy right out of me. I let go of any hesitation I may have felt to be gentle, or to not offend you, and this really opened the door to the Bigger Picture and the possibilities surrounding you right now.

Hang onto your hat!! Be careful, stay focused, don’t let people undermine your self-confidence in the decisions you are making or the course you are deciding to take. Most importantly, don’t second guess yourself. Your energy came through so strong — you know what you want, and you know what you have to do to get it… Go for it.


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