It Was a Dark & Stormy Night ~ Tarot Inspired Tales #2

Tarot Inspired Tales ~ #1

Tarot Inspired Tales ~ #2

  • 10/wands
  • Ace/pentacles
  • 8/swords
  • 4/swords
  • 4/wands
  • The Lovers (R)

She wooed him beneath a full moon, standing in the lush growth of a witch’s garden, reeking of the sweet smell of primroses.  She was sure she would be able to obliterate from his mind the memory of the raven-haired girl who lay bound against her will at the doors of a haunted castle.

The wicked red-headed princess justified this atrocity with the idea that this woman was a burden after all, that this woman had deliberately brought sorrow and heartbreak to the man who now stood naked in the moonlight before her.

The wedding that was supposed to have taken place between this man and the raven-haired beauty was conveniently delayed with the hypnotic spell that had been placed on the future groom, a spell so vile and wicked that while he envisioned and desired the alluring red-headed princess standing before him, shining with the eerie silver light of the moon on her impossibly iridescent skin, he did not realize it was all an illusion.

In reality, he lay on a stone cold slab of granite in the castle chapel, apparently dead, but in truth only fallen into a deep, deep sleep.


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