Bringing the World of Tarot to You ~ my ultimate tarot guide

The following blog post is an excerpt from my great big chunky Tarot Book… “The Ultimate Tarot Guide: for Your Personal Tarot Journey”. This book is available in Kindle or Print at Amazon

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This excerpt was taken from the section all about “Paying Clients”. You have to learn how to deal with people in a relatively unusual situation, with a myriad of emotions and mentalities emitting from them. When you do this professionally, you really have to learn how to handle people, when to allow them to vent and talk, and when to instinctively know they are trying to manipulate a reading to get the outcome they desire, or even when a client may be mentally “off” — just a wee bit. And the following client and my experience with her is a good example of that… “The Saga of Evil Gloria”

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