From The Ultimate Tarot Guide… that dire 10 of swords/up close & personal

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The Ultimate Tarot Guide: for Your Personal Tarot Journey *link to purchase is above… Whether you’re interested in learning how to read the tarot, or you’re ready to fine tune your skills, or you’d like a completely new perspective on the cards, this is your book. The physical book is actually set up like a workbook, there’s room for you to fill out and actually complete each tarot spread shown here. Also, I do add an unusual twist, and that’s my own personal connection with each of the minor arcana cards, and it can get mighty personal, let me tell you.

For example: The Ten of Swords… (and no, not every card is so dire, but the 10 of swords is, after all, iconic in its misery)

Swords ~ It’s all about life (and certain individuals in it) catching us off guard. Its all about a sucker punch, either from the universe, or through a human connection.

Gossip, lies, misfortune, back-stabbing, illness, surgery, death

10/Swords ~ The saddest thing about this card, when the fatal blow comes from human hands or lips, is that our illusion of friendship or love is instantly shattered, never to return to it’s rosy former state. The sense of betrayal is so thick you can taste it, and if this is your first unfortunate experience with it, it will be very bitter indeed. The figure on this card looks so solitary, but you need to understand that just out of the frame there stands all the individuals who could have sounded an alarm, individuals who could have come forward to support you and affirm your good character, individuals who were either two-faced or intimidated. Whether this difficult and somewhat tragic set of circumstances takes place among a group of friends, the workplace, school, or within a relationship, it is devastating, and the after-effects can last a lifetime.


Check your health. Often this indicates that problems lay, not with
humanity and it’s petty loyalties, but with the body and Destiny’s fate.

My Personal Connection:

The ten of swords is an impressionable dramatic card, there’s no getting away from that. My personal connection with this card and its energy was developed quite early with the idea of female friendships and loyalty. Her name was Debbie S., and we met in high school. I took her friendship and her loyalty for granted, thinking it was an endless boundless infinite state of being, until she showed up with my soon-to-be ex-husband for a divorce hearing, arm in arm, making sure he felt her support and sympathy. The ten of swords is quite appropriate in it’s usually shocking appearance in most tarot decks. It’s energy can leave you blind-sided, open-mouthed in disbelief, and it can quite quickly make mince-meat of your naïve and trusting nature.

The thing about it is, we don’t all learn the lesson this card is trying so hard to teach us right off the bat. So you may find that you will have many such disturbing scenarios in life until you finally get the message the universe is trying to send you. When that clicks, you will realize how important it is to set boundaries, to protect your space, your physicality, and your spirituality. You will discover that you have to protect yourself from the energy of this devastating card and its consequences. If you can’t learn to do this, you will have a repetition of negative events.


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