PODCAST, Requested (Scenario #5, King/cups) ~ Understanding this hedonist…

And has he met his match?

As I state in this video, one of the most interesting aspects of this requested reading is that it was requested under an obviously made-up online name, so I don’t know the gender of the individual who made the request, and I don’t know if this request came from the King himself, or a partner, or someone else around this King who is affected by his choices and actions. 

Interesting. And I was intrigued at picking up information from both perspectives, for the King himself as well as his partner. We really get a good look at the hedonism behind this King, how his brain works, how he views situations as opposed to how the people around him see things, as well as the prospect of this King finally meeting his match. 

What’s in store for this King? As I said, some people would call it Karma. Wait for the end.


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