PODCAST, Requested ~ Scenarios 1 & 2, from “Monthly Guidance”

Thank you for requesting this reading! I hope that we’ve made a good tarot connection here and that you have found some inspiration to make positive healthy choices moving forward.


The Short n’ Sweet video this reading was requested from: 

The questions on this tarot spread:

1.  What should I focus on this month?

2.  What major actions should I take this month?

3.  What energy should I release this month?

4.  How should I enjoy myself this month? 

There are 3 SCENARIOS for this podcast…

Scenario #1
Scenario #2
Scenario #3


Note: I do “Short n’ Sweet” videos with one-card-draws (usually) to bring up a variety of scenarios and situations that the universe and spirit may want to bring to our attention. If one of these scenarios resonates with you, you can request a free expanded reading on the topic by emailing me with your request.

To be eligible for these FREE readings you must:

1) be a subscriber to my YouTube channel

2) click the “like” button on the short n’ sweet video you’re requesting the reading from.

“Likes” show up for me privately on my stats page, as do subscribers. 

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