PODCAST, Short n’ Sweet ~ 3 Scenarios, including being excluded & is this relationship salvageable

Today’s scenarios: 

1) Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

scenario 1: someone is interacting with the judicial system and you feel very alone at this time, very vulnerable. 

scenario 2: someone got thrown out of a group, excluded for very unfair reasons. 

2) Princess/pentacles 

A younger individual is tasting new-found freedom and independence, and there’s someone close to you who is profoundly affected by this. 

3) The World (reversed)/knight of wands, reversed & knight of swords

There is a feud or competition between these two knights that is escalating. Is it too late to salvage the relationship?


Note: I do “Short n’ Sweet” videos with one-card-draws (usually) to bring up a variety of scenarios and situations that the universe and spirit may want to bring to our attention. If one of these scenarios resonates with you, you can request a free expanded reading on the topic by emailing me with your request. 

To be eligible for these FREE readings you must: 

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