PODCAST, Short n’ Sweet ~ 6 Scenarios, is your story here?

Today’s scenarios: 

1) King/cups ~ this King is awash in a very unique personal experience, and this king is way over his head… can you feel his growing sense of panic? 

2) 7/cups (reversed) ~ if you thought coming to a decision was difficult, just wait until the truth is exposed, and how do you make a decision now? 

3) 8/pentacles (reversed) ~ you’re having a difficult time deciding if a career change is necessary right now, you have a lot invested in where you’re at. 

4) 9/cups ~ so, this is the card of the successful individual, the person that has reached their goals… the thing is, exactly how did this person get to this point? Something seems a little suspicious. 

5) The Lady (Empress) ~ someone is expecting, but they do not have all the usual emotions about this situation, this is not necessarily a happy turn of events for them, it’s complicated. 

6) 6/cups ~ You are deeply concerned about someone from your past… are they okay? Do they need help? At this time you’re experiencing a great deal of anxiety about this, it’s in your head, on your mind… Should I contact them? Should I not contact them?


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