PODCAST, Requested ~ You Don’t See the Struggles Behind Her Success

You were very intuitive to sense another energy behind the intoxicating energy of success.  What this 9 of cups doesn’t show you is the struggles she had to go through to get where she is today.  Applaud her success, and be inspired by her strength. 


 Short n’ Sweet Readings ~ The scenarios: 

 1) King/cups ~ this King is awash in a very unique personal experience, and this king is way over his head… can you feel his growing sense of panic? 

 2) 7/cups (reversed) ~ if you thought coming to a decision was difficult, just wait until the truth is exposed, and how do you make a decision now? 

 3) 8/pentacles (reversed) ~ you’re having a difficult time deciding if a career change is necessary right now, you have a lot invested in where you’re at. 

 4) 9/cups ~ so, this is the card of the successful individual, the person that has reached their goals… the thing is, exactly how did this person get to this point? Something seems a little suspicious. 

 5) The Lady (Empress) ~ someone is expecting, but they do not have all the usual emotions about this situation, this is not necessarily a happy turn of events for them, it’s complicated. 

 6) 6/cups ~ You are deeply concerned about someone from your past… are they okay? Do they need help? At this time you’re experiencing a great deal of anxiety about this, it’s in your head, on your mind… Should I contact them? Should I not contact them?


 Note: I do “Short n’ Sweet” videos with one-card-draws (usually) to bring up a variety of scenarios and situations that the universe and spirit may want to bring to our attention. If one of these scenarios resonates with you, you can request a free expanded reading on the topic by emailing me with your request. 

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