Danu’s Irish Herb Garden

I absolutely love this lady and her videos.  You can follow her on Youtube to visit her quaint and cozy Irish cottage and explore her magical herb gardens… Love, love, love this lady! Not only is she knowledgeable, her videos are very relaxing to watch… her quiet calm voice, her cozy Irish cottage, her wild unruly gardens filled with all kinds of magical things, her pets who are often wandering through the background. Her videos almost have an ASMR quality about them… and besides that, you Learn Stuff.

Follow the link: Danu’s Irish Herb Garden @ Youtube

Her blog: Danu’s Irish Herb Garden/An Bhean Feasa

Her Facebook page: Danu’s Irish Herb Garden/An Bhean Feasa

Today’s Tarot Cards ~ Is this your story?

  • A card for today ~ 6/swords (reversed)… 

You left something behind, now you want to go back and pick it up. Going back and expecting life to pick up where you so abruptly left off is unrealistic. It’s kind of like Pet Cemetery, when you attempt to bring something back to life, it’s never quite the same, and it’s usually f**ked up.

A card for today ~ 3/wands…
Waiting for your ship to come in? How long do you plan to stand in this stagnant state and wait? How long? I feel that someone has mistakenly put all their eggs in one basket, and it’s not working out the way you expected. Now what? Do you have an alternate plan? Did you even consider that you’d need one?

  • A card for today ~ Queen/wands (reversed)…

You’re slipping. You thought you had a handle on it. You thought you had maintained the control you need to feel secure. But you’re losing your grip. For some of us, this card heralds a new phase of life that might take us by surprise more than once, but this won’t necessarily be a bad thing. For others, it’s all about the control, without it, you lose your identity.



Your Questions: How will I feel about plastic surgery?

This “Your Questions” video is for an individual who emailed me with concerns about how they would feel emotionally if they got plastic surgery, and how it might affect them financially.

If you have a question you’d like to put to the cards, email me for a free reading, which will be added to the “Your Questions” video playlist @ Youtube. *Anonymity is protected with all “Your Questions” videos.


Hoodoo Poppets ~ Now available @ The Witch’s Corner

This semi-retired witch is now offering Hoodoo Poppets for sale at The Witch’s Corner for an undetermined length of time. This page just went up today and will stay up only as long as I feel like making poppets. Other pages may, or may not, follow… as I will.


Poppets available @ The Witch’s Corner:

Traditional poppets in Black(for justice, retribution, and binding)Green(health, healing, and prosperity)Red(love & passion, friendship, and relationships). These poppets are created with twigs and bamboo from my own trees and nature; colored yarn; feathers; ribbons and such. They are filled with magickal herbs and written intentions. Because these hoodoo dollies are all created individually, by hand, there may be slight individual differences in the product.