Minor Arcana: Wands

Motherpeace Tarot Journey


Fire/South/Projective Energy

Ace:  Aces are beginnings, and they usually appear as a doorway that you can calmly walk through to begin at the beginning of whatever.  But this card, in the Motherpeace deck is different.  It’s explosive.  The image of this card is a blue egg that has cracked wide open in a firey blaze, and what has hatched from this egg is an individual.  This image has it’s back to us, arms and legs splayed out, thrown with such violence from the egg, she was.  This card challenges us to leave all that makes us feel safe and protected behind; it dares us to break new ground, try new things, and to explore the world in brave abandon.  This card, the Ace of Wands, says…”Look out world, here I come!”

Two: The two of wands speaks of mutual cooperation with our fellow sisters, of working together to achieve a mutually beneficial goal. This card tells us to not only look within ourselves to find the answers, but to look to our older and wiser sisters, to look to those who hold the knowledge and experience that we need. The two of wands in this deck reminds us of our ancestors, the wisdom of the ancient ones, the sisters who have passed before us. It wreaks of lineage, tradition, and continuity within ourselves and the feminine community.

Three:  A woman has many irons in the fire, this card tells us.  It represents the busy life of a woman in the midst of raising children, balancing work, spouses, goals, aspirations, and responsibilities to the world at large.  This card reminds us that as we drain ourselves of energy for all these tasks, all this responsibility, we must also replenish ourselves.  The three of wands is a card chock full of energy– ambition, determination, a sense of accomplishment, and pride.  Revel in it.

Four: Jubilation, celebration…“The Gathering”. The image on this card, a band of naked women in garlands, ceremoniously trailing more garland throughout four poles, is reminiscent of the images from Z Budapest’s infamous women’s gatherings. It bristles of unbridled joy, emancipation, a total abandonment of conventionality and self-consciousness. It wreaks of feminine power, happiness, joy, and celebration. The small blue hummingbird, streaking across the top of this card, whispers…Freedom.

Five:  This card is a warning to all womanhood.  “Don’t bicker among yourselves.”, it says.  “A divided house falls.”, it reminds us.  “Stick together; support and encourage one another.”, this card admonishes us.  Women tend to be catty with other women– you hear this all the time, and so often it is painfully true.  In behaving this way, in not supporting or even  undermining our sisters, we are turning our back on all womanhood; we are sabatoging ourselves.  Women need other women; and we need them to be supportive, loving, encouraging, and faithful.  Stop the catty behavior, the five of wands tells us– “Unite, women of the world.”, this card says.

Six: The main message of this card is to fully accept ourselves as women, to embrace our stark raw female sexuality– which most of the conventional world, ruled by patriarchal religions, does not understand and often even fears. The character on this card invites us to look at ourselves from new perspectives, maybe from intimate views and vantage points that might make us uncomfortable– we’ve been told so long that we shouldn’t go there; we’ve been told what is acceptable as part of being a woman, and what is not. This card invites us…no, this card *Dares* us to explore our femaleness, to revel in our strengths, to banish any weakness, to grow, to learn, to reach.

Seven:  It’s all about gathering and organizing.  The group of women on this card have obviously come together for a purpose.  The center figure seems to be in charge.  The seven of wands is all about organizing ourselves as a group, being able to pick out women who make strong leaders; it’s about getting our ducks in a row to accept life’s challenges; it’s about being prepared for the unexpected.  But not all women have the luxury of being close to a group, and in this there is the sense that even as an individual without a good support system, you can still organize yourself to handle whatever life happens to throw at you.  Perhaps this card is trying to emphasize that within us all resides the spirit of our ancestors, the spirit of survival, the spirit of the warrior.

Eight:  The eight of Wands is always about movement, movement and energy. The energy of this card urges us to shoot off as much as we can…work, projects, ideas, activities. The eight of Wands wreaks of movement and unbridled energy that needs to be focused; it speaks of too much for one person to do, of goals that might seem unattainable yet help us to reach new plateaus of creativity and success. Sometimes, when so many people are telling us we can’t accomplish something, we have to believe in ourselves and forge ahead with bluster and bravado, having faith in ourselves when no one else seems to.

Nine:  In quiet comtemplation, you will find your strength.  The female figure on this card, sitting naked and cross-legged ahead of a row of flaming wands, a coiled snake on each side of her, is calm in the face of adversity, versatile in the midst of life’s unexpected situations.  This card emphasizes the importance of our inner calm, our inner voice, the balancing of our energies (the chakras).  This card, though awash in a red background, alight with the flames of nine torches, represents wisdom and grace, and quiet dignity.

Ten:  This card portrays a group of naked women caught up in a frenzy of music and dance. It highlights community and working together, it highlights sisterhood and group worship of the feminine divine.  The ten of wands, in ordinary decks, represents ‘burdens’, but in the Motherpeace deck, we realize that as long as we have sisters, mothers, aunts, and friends, there is nothing that we can’t tackle and be victorious over.  It is within the worldwide community of womanhood that strength and power, joy and hope, accomplishment and poise are raised to new levels and realized.

Daughter:  This card carries the energy of wild abandonment in the midst of carefree youth.  The energy of the Daughter of Wands is a reminder to us not to lose this wild, sometimes frenetic, extremely powerful energy with age; we don’t have to lose it, really!  Exuberance, expectation, enthusiasm are timeless; it is this very energy which gets things done, accomplishments met.  This is a powerful card filled with movement, from the geese in the air, streaking along with intention and purpose, to the unicorned goat racing beneath them, and the female figure, arms flung above her head, bounding through time and space.

Son:  The energy of the daughter is carried over to the energy of the son, but it’s different, it’s not as solitary and singular, it encompasses community and family.  It is the springboard inspiring cooperation.  “Dance this dance with me.”, says the Son of Wands.  The figure on this card is dancing for the female figures of the family, enticing them to join him, acting as a motivational inspiration.  In the midst of life, this card reminds us, we don’t have to do everything alone;  there’s strength and power in numbers, where goals are set and met…”But life can still be fun.”, says the Son of Wands.

Priestess:  From the rainbow above her, to the large silent cat beside her, this card speaks of the Priestess as ‘caretaker’, a guardian of the earth and it’s creatures.  In the Priestess of Wands is quiet dignity, compassion, the iconic symbol of the ‘mother’s touch’.  But she is not burdened by these roles, in fact, this Priestess finds quiet strength in caring for others, in giving of herself.  She is the epitome of “Mother”, sacrifice is her way.  It’s the energy of this card that will bring you peace, comfort, happiness, solace in times of grief, serenity in times of unrest.

Shaman:  The Shaman of Wands is all about control, keeping it, losing it, suffering the consequences of it. This Shaman has all those things he loves gathered around himself, kept close and tight, thinking that he’s protecting his precious belongings and people. However, just the opposite is true. The Shaman of Wands tries so carefully to keep that which is important to him close and controlled; he often winds up smothering the very things he’s trying to protect.  This Shaman is resilient. The Phoenix rising from the ashes behind the figure on this card is very fitting. The Shaman of Wands will bounce back, recover and recoup from the most devastating experiences– though he’s not often found in these types of situations, he’s too careful, and he thinks long and hard before making important life altering decisions.

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