My Daughter: A Featured Artist @ Tonight’s Reception

Proud Mama Announcement: My daughter, Anne, is a Featured Artist at Gallery 92. There will be a reception tonight from 5-7pm, 92 West 6th St., Fremont NE...I'll take lots of photos, so I'll make a slideshow tomorrow. You can see my reflection, and the reflection of Anne's sisters, Sara & Emma, in the glass. Yes, we're … Continue reading My Daughter: A Featured Artist @ Tonight’s Reception

Country Cottage Prints

  I've had several inquiries into the photo that I posted on the blog just before this one-- the quaint garden shed (Posted on:  "Psychics & Their Clients").  This is my own photograph which I took on an outing with a friend.  These small garden sheds are wildly popular here in Nebraska, and they add … Continue reading Country Cottage Prints

Photo Slideshow: Our Fall Craft/Newage Boutique

This past weekend, October 14 & 15th, we shared a unique boutique/yardsale experience which included arts and crafts, as well as new-age items and tarot readings.  We met a lot of interesting people, made some new friends, and had two very fun-filled days. By the magick of the following photo slideshow, you can take a … Continue reading Photo Slideshow: Our Fall Craft/Newage Boutique

Magick for the Day

Thursday...the planet is Jupiter, the energy is geared for expansion and growth.  Do magick today for legal matters, money/financial issues, magick to promote growth on all levels-- material, spiritual, physical:  color- white for matters of the spirit, green for money and the physical; herbs- cinnamon, cinquefoil, musk, nutmeg, sage; number- 3; letters- C,L,U. Tarot Card of … Continue reading Magick for the Day