Magick, Mysticism, The Tarot Parlour ~ & some changes

If you visit The Tarot Parlour, you'll notice that a lot of options for readings through several types of mediums are no longer available. I'll only be offering Audio Readings (in a wide variety of spreads & prices), and Video readings ($85) for a 9 card spread. You'll also find a video on this page … Continue reading Magick, Mysticism, The Tarot Parlour ~ & some changes

The Tarot Parlour ~ Infinite Possibilities

Hello, Readers! We're off to a bracing figid start to the New Year here in Nebraska. And believe it or not, along with temps in the teens, and a wind chill in single digits, not to mention the 20+ mile per hour wind...there is a man coming in half an hour to give me an … Continue reading The Tarot Parlour ~ Infinite Possibilities