A New Review for The Spiritual Feminist ~ by Maja Todorovic, PHD

From the first moment I read the title of the book, it intrigued me. The Spiritual Feminist -– two words that we are somehow forgetting in our hectic and overloaded lives. Here, the author tries to reconnect us with our feminine side, through spirituality, through examination of Goddesses and all those archetypes that most of us, … Continue reading A New Review for The Spiritual Feminist ~ by Maja Todorovic, PHD

At Tumblr ~ My Week in Review

I've been trying to post diligently a weekly "catch-up/review" post at my Tumblr page.  This is a good way to gather all the Stuff I've been doing all over the internet all week into one spot.  (I also enjoy playing with Tumblr).  Here's this week's post, and I'm betting that I've got a few things … Continue reading At Tumblr ~ My Week in Review

More Book-Hoopla (Yes! I must)

Okay, it's been over a month now since the release of my 4th book (The Spiritual Feminist) and most of the initial hoopla has died down-- but there might be one or two tricks I'm pulling out of my hat in the next few weeks/months, we'll see, and I want to surprise you. (And I … Continue reading More Book-Hoopla (Yes! I must)

Around Town with The Spiritual Feminist ~ Photo Blog!

My daughter picked me up this morning for a round of shopping and lunch-- and I took The Book with us (The Spiritual Feminist).  This was a Hoot!!  Following are photos of our jaunt, the places we went, and the people we saw...Welcome to Fremont, Nebraska (USA)! Fremont Police Station Okay-- 'nough running around.  Everyone … Continue reading Around Town with The Spiritual Feminist ~ Photo Blog!

Book Launch Party!! ~ Hooza!

I posted a while ago on Facebook about the Book Launch Party tonight for The Spiritual Feminist.  I'm looking forward this evening to fun with family and friends-- some picture taking for my publicist!-- and good food and drink.  Thank you to my daughter, Anne, who had a special cake made for the evening-- it's … Continue reading Book Launch Party!! ~ Hooza!

Surprise!!!…I Received my Author Copies today!

LOOK what I got today!!...my *Author Copies*...the big box arrived this morning as an unexpected surprise. Release date:  April 24th, 2015 Pre-Order at this link:  click  Here