The Witch’s Corner Newsletter ~ November!

The Witch's Corner Newsletter is out and live! Welcome to November's Newsletter!...   click  HERE Included in this issue are the following articles~ 1. Metal Magick 2. November's Moon/Crafting Your Magick 3. Thoughts: Magick & Witchcraft; Writing & Literature; and Age 4. Candle Magick How-To 5. When the Dead Come Through 6. Candle Magick Videos from … Continue reading The Witch’s Corner Newsletter ~ November!

Bad Mojo: Is someone messing with you?

Bad mojo, yes it's real. Is it just a string of bad luck, or synchronistic events? No. It's so much worse. It's so definable. You'll know when you are the victim of bad mojo...most definitely. There is nothing subtle about Bad Mojo. It's vindictive. It's like a sucker punch to the face. You'll feel the … Continue reading Bad Mojo: Is someone messing with you?