The Witch’s Corner ~ October Newsletter & Video

The Witch's Corner Newsletter ~ Video Contents ~ Court Case Spells/DUI & Consequences Samhain Special/Talking about Black Cat Oil Tarot Card for the Day/Cutting things out of my life My Sedona Crystals/and my ley line experiences! Final Footage/Hiking trail in the Grand Canyon Links: The Witch's Corner ~ Court Case Spells ~ reading The Witch’s Corner ~ October Newsletter & Video

Magical Oils…Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble :) My oils are handcrafted, by me, in my home. These oils are createdtaking magickal timing into consideration; including astrologicalconnections, moon phases, as well as intentions and energies involved. The oils that I sell are not bottled in tiny apothecary bottles. These are large,old-fashioned canning jars-- pint sized and jam jars, meant to last a … Continue reading Magical Oils…Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble 🙂