Happy Monday!! Book of the week ~ “Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way”

Before I started writing this book, Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way, I had just finished and sent off for publication, “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire”.  On completion of the “Natural Magick…” manuscript, I thought to myself, “Damn, I should have combined these two books for one great big fat volume.”  But I didn’t, and I don’t know if that can be rectified someday, or whether it’s too late.  We’ll see.  However, these two books together make great companions, as they are two separate books pining to be one:

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4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5

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Table of Contents

How does real magick work?…10

Forms of Magick…13

The Mysteries of Magickal Manifestation…19

Creating Magickal Space…26

A Checklist of Magickal Supplies…53

Charging your Magickal Tools…65

Twelve Months of Magick…72

Seven Days of Magick…104

Animal Magick…115

Magick for Love n’ Money…144

·         Love Spells…151

·         Love Potion #9

·         Rose Spell

·         Smooth Marital Turmoil

·         Hot Sex Spell

·         Makin’ Tracks

·         Love Spells for Men…157

·         Make Her Behave:  Pubic Hair Spell

·         Magickal Male Enhancement

·         Love Spells for Women…161

·         Keep Him Faithful Spell

·         Attract Your Man

·         Irresistibly Spell


·         Money Spells…169

·         Silver Coin Spell

·         Loose the Miser Spell

·         New Business Money Mojo

·         Sugar Honey Jar Spell

·         Home Money Spell

·         Pocket Money Spell

Mojo Magick…182

·         Poppets…184

·         Mojo Bags…207

Magick Oils/Potions/Powders…226

Crystal Magick…270

Candle Magick…297

Magickal Alphabets and Symbols…314

·        Runes…316

·         Witch’s Alphabet…325

·         The Pentagram…329

·         The Elements…334

·         Planets…341

·         Astrological Symbols…354

Witches’ Bottles…366        

Essential Oils…386

Kitchen Magick…392

·         Recipes…405

·         Strawberry Love Salad

·         Lady Amythyst’s Pumpkin Pie

·         Gingerbread

·         Litha Peach Cobbler

·         Full Moon Biscuits

·         Deviled Eostre Eggs

·         Lammas Loaf

·         Midsummer’s Night Tea

·         Garden Magick Soup

·         Green Man Cake

·         Beltane Bean Dish

Good Luck Charms…439

Questions and Answers…447

·         What is the difference between white and black magick?

·         Is it possible to dwell too much on a spell you’ve cast & ruin it?

·         Who can do magick?

·         What is a familiar?

·         What is neo-paganism?

·         Do All witches practice their religion the same way?

·         Who is the Wiccan Goddess?

·         When did you first know you were a witch? 

Magickal Substitutions…467

Terms and Lingo…473

Book Trailer

[Excerpt, from Forms of Magick, page 13]

Sympathetic Magick

This is that.

  • A specific object is chosen to represent the target of a spell. Through sympathetic magick, this object actually ‘becomes’ the target. Whatever happens to this object, happens to the target.

The most common form of this magick, and the one I have personally used the most, are poppets– those infamous dollies of hoodoo fame. A poppet does not just represent the 

target, it actually becomes the target, with the addition of personal items and effects belonging to the subject, secret rituals to breathe it to life, and the movement of magical energy to manifest and transform the very being of this cloth creation into the flesh and blood essence of your target. This is why it’s so important to keep these poppets in secure safe locations.

Comparative Magick

·       A relationship and connection between a magickal object or objective are associated with and represented by a specific item or items.

A good example of this type of magick would be the Witches’ Bottle. Say for instance that you want to create a bottle to draw money and wealth. You would add to this bottle a number of items, all designed to draw the energy of money and wealth to the bottle, and thus to you. These items would include coins and paper money, herbs for wealth and prosperity, stones, and personal talismans. This bottle is, in effect, representative of your desires and your objective, which is to draw money to yourself. And it will do just that.

Directive Magick

This affects that.

·       This magick raises energy while the practitioner focuses and visualizes their goal and uses an item or items to move this energy toward manifestation.

The most common form of this magick, and the easiest to work, is candle magick. The candle is imbued with the energy of your goal by carving various symbols and sigils upon it, dressing it with oils and rolling it in herbs that carry the energy of your intentions. As the candle is consumed by the flame, you will maintain a visualization of the end results of this spell, so your goals and intentions are sent out into the universe and the cosmos with lightning speed and absolute assurance of magickal manifestation.

Transference Magick

·       Transference magick moves a malevolent energy out of one object or individual and into something or someone else.

The mildest example of this type of magick would be protective magick utilized to block negative energy or to send it back to its source. A more intense form of Transference Magick would be an exorcism; and the most extreme form would be a hex or a curse.

[Excerpt from The Infamous Vacuum, page 20]

The Infamous Vacuum

The rule is– if you empty a space, creating a vacuum, something else will fill this space. This is true not only from a magickal perspective, but from a mundane vantage point as well– it’s called physics. The thing is that once you’ve emptied this space, i.e. banishing something/someone, you have no control over what is going to fill this vacuum which you have created.

I learned this pointedly through an interesting lesson.We used to have a neighbor who lived behind us, a rather unusual elderly man whose behavior was becoming consistently more erratic as time went on. Until we put a fence up between our properties, he would set his self-propelled tractor sprinkler in the middle of our basketball court as it’s starting point. My children didn’t like this and neither did I. If I wanted to water my lawn, I was perfectly capable of doing it myself. He was a cross-dresser, which is really beside the point, but it’s an intriguing fact that I’m going to toss in anyway. I remember many a morning, up early for my first cup of coffee, I’d step out onto the back porch, and there was 

this man, his garage lit up like a circus, just climbing into his car wearing a white skirt, a red sweater and heels to match. He was off to the local café for breakfast.

It was when he began mowing his lawn in nothing but briefs and tennis shoes that I became concerned. “Briefs” is a generous description for what he wore. Let’s say that there was just enough material to cover the necessities– barely. My girls were younger at the time, and I really didn’t feel that they needed this show, and neither did they, it was a little too much.

I decided that it was time for this man to take a hike. So, I rolled up my sleeves, put a whopping banishing spell together, and gave this guy a magickal punch to his mid-section. Within a moon phase, he was gone. 

I was feeling quite pleased with my big old powerful witchy self, when I came through the kitchen one morning to find my husband standing at the backdoor, his nose pressed to the glass, peering over the fence, into the ex-neighbor’s back yard.

“What are you looking at?”, I asked.

“The new neighbor.” he says.

I wanted to see what was capturing his attention, so I took a look myself. There in the backyard, bouncing merrily along on a huge riding mower, was a very petite gorgeous tanned blonde woman in a very tiny pink bikini.


Herbs: Hyssop ~ The Little Handbook of Spirituality

The chapter that I found the most fun to write was Chapter 4:  Botanicals & Pagan Spiritualism.  I love the use of herbs and their energies in the pagan path, and I’m strongly connected to them with my own practice.  There is a nice segment on herbs, all formatted as the excerpt below, with a variety of uses for each herb as it pertains, some quite interesting and a bit unconventional.

If you have ordered your copy of this book, they should start to arrive to their destinations the middle of this month.  I’m waiting, just like all of you, for my first clean copies, so far I have only the author’s proof, which is printed with a wide gray “not for resale” band across the cover.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet,

please do so at Amazon withTHIS LINK.  

And when you receive your book and have a chance to read it over, I would absolutely love it if you would leave a brief review or a few words on Amazon.  Reviews make all the difference in the success of a book, and they often help someone decide if a particular book is what they’re looking for.

I know I can’t wait for my copies to arrive, and I can’t wait to get your feedback!  I know you’ll love this book as much as I do.


Energy: projective
Planet: Jupiter
Element: fire

Magical uses: purification, protection

Aside from sage, hyssop is the most popular herb for purification, used widely in protective recipes for oils and powders, as well as burned for its cleansing purifying smoke.

If you’re feeling a bit tarnished spiritually, and you’re not sure from where or whom this energy is coming, you can fix it. Add a little hyssop to your bath water for a cleansing soak. You can add some dried and ground hyssop to your favorite moisturizing lotion or body oils and apply it sparingly, touching your forehead and heart to clear the energy about you.

Spiritual Awakening @ Facebook

“This book is written to help you explore and experiment and discover a spirituality that you might not even be aware of. This book is here to help you embrace your inner pagan, to reconnect with your ancient roots and an earthy spirituality based in nature and magic and inspiration.”

The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening ~ What Chapter was the most difficult to write?

I would have to say that the most challenging chapter to write was Chapter 3, Preparing for Your New Spiritual Life.  

The topics touched upon in this chapter include:

  • What do you need to let go of?
  • What do you need to draw to you?
  • Paving the way.

In the Exercises, Activities, & Exploration section, the first exercise called “Getting Rid of Baggage” was an almost cathartic experience to think and write about, because realistically every single one of us has some sort of baggage.  If you’ve lived at all, you’ve got baggage, it just goes with the human experience, it’s how we learn.

I open the exercise with this paragraph:

“As you experience your personal spiritual awakening, your soul may feel lighter, the world brighter.  But that doesn’t mean that you will experience an instantaneous clearing of baggage you’ve accumulated over time.  You’ll find that clearing emotional, past relationship, and physical baggage is something that you have to consciously choose to do…”

There then is included three brief lists with suggestions for clearing that baggage, because this really needs to be resolved and/or released so we can successfully progress on our spiritual journey and exploration.

Be sure to order your copy of The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening @ Amazon, and if the spirit moves you, I would love if you would leave a review or a few brief words about this book at Amazon.  

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Bright Blessings,

The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening ~ Don’t forget to leave a review

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The Essential Guide to WICCA for Beginners ~ Thank you for your support!

It was exciting when the first copy of The Essential Guide to WICCA for Beginners showed up on my doorstep… now with a full BOX, it’s all feeling a little surreal! I can’t wait to hear what you all think when you get your own copies of the book. Thank you to everyone who’s shown so much support by pre-ordering, doing reviews and endorsements, and generally adding positive energy to the this project in your own special way. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, there is still time! 

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Around Town with The Spiritual Feminist ~ Photo Blog!


My daughter picked me up this morning for a round of shopping and lunch– and I took The Book with us (The Spiritual Feminist).  This was a Hoot!!  Following are photos of our jaunt, the places we went, and the people we saw…Welcome to Fremont, Nebraska (USA)!

First stop ~ THE BLUE BOTTLE ~ 529 N Main St #5 ~ Ask for Ginger!

Besides my favorite cappuccinos, what do you think you’ll find in The Blue Bottle?…Blue bottles– of course!


Besides lots of Healthy Stuff, we found crystals and incense, and quite a few surprisingly Cool and New-Agey items. Yay!

TSF 12

SECOND LOOK ~516 N Main St ~ very cool consignment shopped filled with all sorts of treasures and good deals!

On the Lower Level of Second Look with the Proprietor!

“Andy” has been selling hotdogs from this stand AT THE CORNER OF 6th & MAIN for 30+ years!!

This building is actually For Sale and is my Dream Location for a Tea & Tarot shop ~ it’s an ivy covered cottage of a building, like something right out of a magickal movie!!…Where’s my Financial Backers?

Fremont Police Station

To the Men & Women In Blue!…Support your local Law Enforcement. I know, there’s been lots of bad press lately, and there are a few bad apples in ANY occupation. But the majority of Law Enforcement officials work hard and risk their lives To Keep Us Safe! (Hey, MOM! This ones for you ~ My Mother is a Retired Police Officer)

This sign is Right Outside MICHAEL’S JEWELRY ~ 540 N Main St ~ omg, if this were only true!! 🙂

PRECIOUS TREASURES CO-OP SHOP ~ 405 N Main St ~ Make sure you’ve got plenty of time to browse in here at your leisure, it’s a treasure trove all right!

Okay– ‘nough running around.  Everyone was getting hungry and foot weary (yes, that’s a real thing).  We finished off our outing– where?  At McDonald’s…of course!


The Official Release Date for The Spiritual Feminist
is April 24th!!



 Thank you to my daughter, Laura Thome, for the photography!

This is such a monumental event in a writer’s life, the Release of a Book…it is akin to giving birth, and there’s almost as much chaos and hoopla leading up to it.

Enjoy the photos– and BUY THE BOOK (or the Kindle edition)
Women…you will be touched, you will be inspired, you will be re-empowered, you will find healing and a sense of spirituality like nothing you’ve ever experienced– Believe Me!
Blessings to you all,