A Woman’s Life Transitions

Maiden I suddenly come alive within my body in wonder and acknowledgment of it’s miracle.  I feel it as I am, it is, I am…I am…I am, I keep telling myself in amazement.  I’m here, on the inside, looking out, listening, learning, watching, absorbing.  No one knows this, the people around me seem unaware of … Continue reading A Woman’s Life Transitions

August ~ Special Offer!

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The Spellery ~ July Issue is Out!

The July Issue of The Spellery is out! Pick up your copy today! Yay!!...Author Interview.  I was delighted to be included, once again, in this innovative beautiful magazine.  You'll find a 3 1/2 page interview with yours truly about books, writing, witchcraft, and personal life.  (It was my pleasure-- I love the editor; and I love … Continue reading The Spellery ~ July Issue is Out!

A New Review for The Spiritual Feminist ~ by Maja Todorovic, PHD

From the first moment I read the title of the book, it intrigued me. The Spiritual Feminist -– two words that we are somehow forgetting in our hectic and overloaded lives. Here, the author tries to reconnect us with our feminine side, through spirituality, through examination of Goddesses and all those archetypes that most of us, … Continue reading A New Review for The Spiritual Feminist ~ by Maja Todorovic, PHD