Romantic obsession ~ know when to let go

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Manipulating the manipulator

Welcome to Casa Monteraine and another informal video chat. As I announce in this video, I am no longer giving personal tarot readings, but you will find a plethora of videos and info at my website The Tarot Parlour, and I will continue to produce new videos for my YouTube channel.

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Does anyone else feel the odd heavy energy today?

  • Someone’s chipping away, common sense will come to your rescue

They’re trying to wear you down, it’s all so silly and unnecessary. If you cling to common sense and don’t allow yourself to get sucked into their way of thinking… you’ll be okay.

  • Mediation and  a meeting of the minds

Discord in the land of Couples. You’re going to have to find some common middle ground. Life will be much easier for both of you if you can accomplish this.

Uncomfortable reading, I had to stop

There was something about the scenario of this reading that made me so uncomfortable I cut it short. Something feels eerily “disturbing” about the reconnection predicted here… an uncomfortable connection? fallout? betrayal? sneaky behavior? A dead end? unexpected repercussions? something we’ll be watching on Dateline? It’s hard to explain, but as I was reading, something felt almost dangerous, like a situation that could lead to catastrophe.