Video: Potions~ Black Cat Oil

Here's my very own recipe from my very own Book of Shadows for Black Cat Oil!...I give you my ingredients, and we make a jar of BCO together.  For more information on Cats, Cat Magick (including Black Cat Oil), Cat Correspondences, and Cat Superstitions, visit my blog (Magickal Connections) and this post:  "Magickal Katz"...

Our Katz

[Originally published in The Witch's Corner newsletter, June 2011...Pixie passed away since this post was first published] Katz (Salem & Pixie, sitting in *their* spot at the livingroom windows, watching birds & squirrels at the feeders.) We have six cats, or Katz, in our house, and each one is a unique creature that stands out … Continue reading Our Katz


It's said of cats that they can move magickally through time and space, visiting the Land of Fairy, where no human can safely travel.  It's also said that cats can cross the boundaries of a magickal circle, a witch's sacred space, without breaking the circle or disturbing the energy.  Cats are also very sensitive to … Continue reading KATZ

Cat Magick: Herbs & Spells

Catnip is commonly used in sleeping potions. The easiest and most pleasant way I can think of to use catnip for this purpose is to make a delicious pot of tea. Catnip is one of the herbs that I grow in my own gardens, so all I have to do when I want to brew … Continue reading Cat Magick: Herbs & Spells

A Brief: things I love & things I hate

*Note: I may be re-posting a re-post. Quite honestly, I've written so much that I don't remember what I've posted where anymore. However, I may have a few things to add to this-- yes, I believe I do. I re-read this while having coffee this morning, and there was just something about it that scratched … Continue reading A Brief: things I love & things I hate

Magickal Katz

In the first place, they usually come to you, you don't acquire them; and if you happen to, they may disappear quickly, quietly, and mysteriously; leaving hardly a trace that allows you to remember they were ever there. They return like actions for like actions, like emotions for like emotions...if you are cruel, they will … Continue reading Magickal Katz