Choosing & Cleansing Your Crystals

 (The photo above is a small sample of my own stones.
A few of them were gifted to me and the rest I chose and purchased myself.)

How do you choose your own crystals and stones?

I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules for this.  It has to do with the type of stone you need for the intended purpose, of course.  But it also has to do with the depth of color, the shape, patterns that may be found upon it, and most importantly of all– the ‘feel’.

I don’t believe anyone can choose a stone for someone else, not even in a piece of jewelry.  You have to choose it yourself, or rather, it chooses you.  And yes, I do believe there is a great deal of truth to that statement.  I’ve been looking over stones in a shop before, and I’ve had one catch my eye.  Even though I continue sorting through a whole handful of the same type of stone, that particular one will keep drawing my attention back to it.

Don’t be afraid to dive in, hold the stones in your hands, rub them between your fingers, turn them over in your palm and really look at them, listen to them, feel them– feel them beyond just their physical presence, pay attention to the energy they are emitting.

Take your time, don’t let anyone rush you, and don’t let anyone talk you into purchasing a stone you don’t feel drawn to.  You also want to make sure that the dealer you’re buying them from is offering the stones at a fair price.  Some merchants tend to get a little slap happy when tacking a value on their wares.  Stop at more than one shop and compare prices– this also applies if you are purchasing your stones off the internet.

Now you’ve purchased your lovely handful of gemstones and taken them home with you– It’s time to cleanse them, to wash away all the accumulated energy they’ve picked up sitting around the shop, being handled by merchants and customers, passed from hand to hand.

How do you cleanse your crystals and stones?

The easist way, and the way I prefer myself, is to hold them under running water.  There is nothing more absolutely cleansing, clarifying, and rejuvenating than the magick of water.  Period.  I ‘know’ my stones and crystals are truly cleansed after doing this; I can feel the difference.  If you feel a heaviness to any of your stones–as in energy, or they have been used for some particularly heavy duty rituals or healing, this is the best method and the most complete method of cleansing.

Another way to cleanse your stones, and  a way I’ve used myself when I’m in a rush, is to hold them in incense smoke.  This is fast, easy, and it does the trick for light cleansing.  Though I still advise, if your stones are particularly heavy with negative energy, use the first method.

You can also leave them lay in moonlight overnight, or you can fill a bowl with salt and cover them for a period of time determined by you, till they feel ‘clean’.  You can even immerse them in a bowl of water to which a pinch of salt has been added– but be cautious about this method if your stones are polished and finished, because the salt water will ruin the finish on your shiny stone.

 (My lilac kunzite crystal…purchased at Next Millennium in Omaha, Nebraska.  Charlie has a wide assortment of gemstones and crystals to choose from, and I’ve purchased many a stone from this shop.  You can also purchase items online.)

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