Healing a Relationship

Do you recognize your relationship? Your circumstances? For some of you there may be only one set of these cards that you will identify with, but for others, there will be multiple sets of cards that were drawn for this video that will pertain to you and your relationship as it stands now.  The four … Continue reading Healing a Relationship

Chronic Cheaters ~ Beware of Red Flags

It's finally time for another relationship post.  I'll be adding this to a compilation of blog posts all on relationship issues.  Click HERE to visit that post.  You will find posts on a plethora of relationship issues, and you'll be able to pick up some advice from the experts. This is an interesting article, all about the Chronic cheater.  … Continue reading Chronic Cheaters ~ Beware of Red Flags

Four Video Tarot Readings!

 Brace yourself for a confrontation...Your game plan gets shot down...Getting out of a 3rd party situation...Someone's past is catching up...Almost half way through this reading, I decided I can't do it. I sweep the cards away and start over. I have included the entire reading here, including that portion. You can purchase a Personal Reading … Continue reading Four Video Tarot Readings!

Your Ex ~ Signs They Are Over You

With February's energy and Valentine's Day euphoria still lingering, I've been pouring over relationship posts in the land of Google.  There were some doozys about boyfriends and husbands sending their ex-wives Valentine's Day gifts, or making secret Valentine's Day phone calls, and the reaction from most relationship experts was pretty predictable for this scenario.  Basically, … Continue reading Your Ex ~ Signs They Are Over You