Crystals & Stones: Black Stones

The Black Stones!  Black Opal Energy:  projective/receptive (male & female) Planets:  all planets Element:  all elements Powers:  astral projection, psychism, beauty, money, luck, power, self-worth, strengthening the will to live, loyalty, spontaneity Snowflake Obsidian Energy:  projective (male) Planet:  Saturn Element:  Fire Powers:  protection, grounding, divination, peace, compassion, strength, removing blockages, healing Apache Tear Energy:  projective … Continue reading Crystals & Stones: Black Stones

Anonymous Tarot Reading, Pineapples, & Rum

 The July Newlsetter is out… Tarot: This month I’m going to do an anonymous random “mini-reading”.  I’m going to pull three cards and interpret them, letting the universe take me where it will and reveal what comes.  This information is meant for someone out there, and when they read it, they’ll know who they are: … Continue reading Anonymous Tarot Reading, Pineapples, & Rum

April– Health & Healing, Crystal Therapy, Spells & More

The April newsletter is up and out at The Witch’s Corner   I’ve added a new section this month:   Crystal Therapy   I've started a new section in our newsletter this month, and I hope to expand on this topic.  In future issues we'll look at how to make tinctures from crystals for therapeutical … Continue reading April– Health & Healing, Crystal Therapy, Spells & More

Crystal Healing: Balancing the Chakras

Balancing the Chakras The stones I prefer to use for this process includes:  Hematite—root chakra Carnelian—sacral chakra Citrine—solar plexis Rose quartz—heart chakra Blue lace agate—throat chakra Sodalite—third eye Amythyst—crown chakra   Make sure the recipient of this charka balancing session is reclining comfortably.  Place a small pillow under their head and one beneath their knees … Continue reading Crystal Healing: Balancing the Chakras