A Crystal, A Candle, & a French Chant

I'm migrating to a new computer, thanks to my son, who is doing all the technical work AND supplying me with the new computer (those 15 hours of labor 26 years ago are paying off *lol*).  He has moved EVERYTHING from my old computer into the new one, which is a huge job, as I've accumulated … Continue reading A Crystal, A Candle, & a French Chant

My Pendulums! (video)

https://amythystraine.blogspot.com/p/pendulums.htmlAlso ~ I carry a "Divination Bag" in my purse, and I'll show you what's inside!Thank you for watching, liking, and sharing my videos, and please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.The Witch's Corner ~http://amythystraine.blogspot.comMagickal Connections ~http://wytchymystique.comThe Tarot Parlour ~http://tarotreadingswithamythystraine.blogspot.comBooks by Amythyst Raine ~https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004NMWMX4__________________________________ Music ~Avec Soin – Romance by Kevin MacLeod is … Continue reading My Pendulums! (video)

The Witch’s Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

All questions are posted as received, no editing (except to delete identities), as all questions are posted anonymously.  You can contact me through the submission form in the side-bar on the home page at my website The Witch’s Corner.  (Hopefully I haven't repeated any questions I've already answered in a previous blog post, but if … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

Crystals & Stones: Black Stones

The Black Stones!  Black Opal Energy:  projective/receptive (male & female) Planets:  all planets Element:  all elements Powers:  astral projection, psychism, beauty, money, luck, power, self-worth, strengthening the will to live, loyalty, spontaneity Snowflake Obsidian Energy:  projective (male) Planet:  Saturn Element:  Fire Powers:  protection, grounding, divination, peace, compassion, strength, removing blockages, healing Apache Tear Energy:  projective … Continue reading Crystals & Stones: Black Stones

37 Pounds of Amythyst…er, Amethyst

Hubby went with me for the afternoon when I did tarot readings on Sunday at Next Millennium.  Apparently this gave him enough time to do some browsing and shopping on his own, because when we were getting ready to leave, he had selected this piece:  37 lbs. of amethyst...which is fitting for our house!  This gorgeous … Continue reading 37 Pounds of Amythyst…er, Amethyst

Healing & Prosperity: A Crystal Grid

To begin the new year, I felt that a crystal grid to promote energy for good health and prosperity was in order. I sat this grid up on the kitchen table, along with four tea candles, and we wallowed in new-age health and prosperity energy till we were up to our eyeballs in it. If … Continue reading Healing & Prosperity: A Crystal Grid

Salt Crystal Lamps

We had a fun holiday season at our house. Exchanging gifts is always interesting with a large family, and especially now that some of the kids are grown-up and everyone loves giving gifts to each other. The exchanges ranged from such mundane items as electric roasters and pots and pan sets, to 'fantasy' high heels … Continue reading Salt Crystal Lamps