Readings with Amythyst ~ Dejavu, that bickering group — again; the spineless wonder; and the prideful ego

Today’s general reading covers three pivotal scenarios:

  • Dejavu! There’s this bickering group of people who have apparently not solved their issues, will they ever?
  • Someone is not able to make major and necessary life transitions because they don’t have the backbone to make difficult decisions, will they listen to the Queen of Pentacles?
  • Someone is going to miss an opportunity for a rare second chance at a relationship because of their pride and ego, will someone step up and be the first to apologize or make the first move?

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Tarot & Spirituality ~ three scenarios, which one is yours

Today’s general reading covers three very specific scenarios, which one do you scenario(s) do you connect with? 

  • someone has been waiting for so long, they need to decide if it’s time to stop 
  • this dreamy spacey king is going to have to get a grip 
  • the bickering and nitpicking in this dysfunctional group is going to lead to no where

What to do about it — if anything

So, did anyone connect with one or more than one of the scenarios that came up in this reading… 

  • the issue of secrets and deception;
  • a lack of progress in a situation;
  • a new love interest coming in;
  • someone in your circle who is not willing to negotiate or compromise;
  • the individual that’s taking off on an unwise journey back to their past;
  • and then, the issue of financial matters that are not being wisely handled.

Today’s spread is called the “Crazy Brain Spread”. There’s a total of three questions/positions for this spread, and there’s a number of cards pulled for each. In today’s reading you’ll find six different scenarios. For some of you, more than one scenario may resonate.

Tarot Video ~ life is rushing at you

There is a new tarot video up @ my YouTube channel, it runs about 20 minutes, and it’s filed in the “Desert Readings” playlist because it’s an early morning (or in this case late night) reading that’s done Off-Camera. You’ll love the candles though. I reveled in the darkened room and dancing light. Enjoy the reading, and I hope you make a tarot connection…

Sabotaging Yourself ~ Your saving grace comes in the guise of a Queen

Someone has a desire, a wish, that is at the heart of all they do and think about and probably plan for.  The thing is, they might be sabotaging themselves, foiling their own plans and future.  How?…”Why” might be kind of interesting here as well.

Here’s what the cards are going to tell us…

From here on out, I’m going to speak directly to the person this reading is intended for, so I’ll be using the pronouns that point in that direction.  If this is NOT a reading that is connecting with you, disregard the personal pronouns, but think about the people you know and if this reading could pertain to one of them. 

You aren’t going to be going anywhere, or getting nowhere, either or both.  You will be feeling the frustration over your lack of progress, and the reason for this lack of progress may be the fact that you’re trying to keep someone in the dark.  This gives the impression of a person working toward a goal, but keeping it a secret, or at least secret from certain people.

The energy is filled with the idea that you’re hiding something from someone.

This makes for a very tense atmosphere, because keeping secrets or ulterior motives unrecognized takes a lot of energy.  You always have to be on your guard so you don’t slip up.  This may also be giving you what appears to others as a very defensive attitude.  (There’s part of you that must realize this defensiveness is a childlike response to doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing, or doing something that you’re pretty sure most of the people in your life would disapprove of…  This is called a “conscience”, by the way, but it’s masquerading for now as defensiveness.)

The phrase “wish upon a star” came to my mind.  But it lacked the whimsical fairy tale energy usually associated with it.  Instead came the idea that something will need to be sacrificed if you want to get what it is you desire.  My first response was a shudder:  what are you willing to sacrifice?  who or what will it hurt, if anyone?  and what will the lasting ramifications have on you?

There is a saving grace to this scenario and this reading.

This saving grace is an individual.  It’s represented by the Queen of pentacles, and my first impression is a female, of course.  She’s quiet and wise.  She’s nurturing and grounded and exudes a certain calmness.  She also doesn’t suffer fools and will be the first to tell someone if they’re doing something that is not a good idea.  Okay, I’m mincing words… she will not hesitate to tell you when you’re being stupid, and she doesn’t care what kind of response you give her, she’ll tell you anyway.

She’s your saving grace.

You can be upset with her for being honest and somewhat blunt, but don’t dismiss what she says.  If you do, you won’t get anywhere (the reversed chariot); and you’ll find yourself trying in vain to explain yourself (7 of wands); and you’ll discover that there is someone who can uncover your secret or figure out your motives after all (the reversed High Priestess).

This Queen is your saving grace, know that and respect it, because the universe is not giving you a second chance here.

Your Questions: Will I have a relationship with my ex-girlfriend this year?

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Your Questions
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I’m going to continue a practice I started a while back.  If you have a question that you would like me to answer anonymously in a tarot video, email me at – — and there will be a chance that I could select your question.  I can’t promise to answer every request that comes in, but I’ll do my best.Of course, your question may be very personal, and it will be answered with complete anonymity.  It’s almost a sure thing that as personal as a question will be, there’s no doubt that it may also have a universal appeal and could help other people in a similar situation.

[EDIT]   I’ve had several people inquire if they can ask me any type of question, not just a personal tarot question for themselves. That would be fine, ask away, whether it’s tarot related or not. If there’s something that you’re curious about, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to know, whether related to tarot, spirituality, witchcraft, wicca, magic, or something else that you’ve been wondering about. Send me your question at my email:, and there may be a chance that I’ll select your question for a video.

The Hermit Experiences a Toxic Connection ~ learn from it & move on

Happy 4th of July weekend to the Americans who are reading this blog post, and a heartwarming wave on a beautiful summer day to everyone else.  It feels like it’s been a short while since I’ve drawn any daily cards, and actually, the set of cards you see below were drawn three or four days ago.  I’ve left them lay by my computer so their energy could grow and their story could unfold.  So, here we go.

I’ve finally jotted down my first impressions.  This is something I usually do privately, even during video readings, but I don’t film the process.  It’s rather a private thing, but maybe it shouldn’t be.  I won’t edit the content to these notes, I’ll type them in here as I wrote them.  Remember as you’re reading them, that my brain is receiving information very quickly, and receiving it two ways — through clairaudience (I’m hearing the words in my head) and through clairvoyance (I’m seeing the words in my head.  They appear as white chalk on a black board):

Solitary time/seclusion.

Tumultuous (maybe traumatic) life experience. Big changes.

Pulled in two directions, not thinking clearly.

Avoiding making a choice, choosing instead to retreat — within, maybe physically.

  • So, I’m ready for the whole story now, or most of it at least:

The cards are telling me that this is someone who has spent a great deal of time alone, probably single, and that they are slow to trust, or to make new friends.  They are the proverbial “Hermit” in every sense of the world, a home body, engaged in their own interests and pursuits, some of which may seem “geeky” or “unusual” to the general public.

I’m going to speak to this person directly now, so if this is you, here we go:

Something happened, or someone appeared in your life, that prompted you to open the figurative door and allow someone in, allow someone to get close to you, possibly for the first time in your life, which understandably gave you a rush and a sense of awe at how intimate and amazing a personal connection can be.

However, the world is full of people who do not have admirable intentions, and it’s full of people who are not ethical.  It’s also full of people who can convince you that they are all this and more, and they’re quite good at it.  I feel this is what happened to you.

I’m not sure how long you were in contact with this person before reality hit and the polished veneer that they presented to you became cracked, foggy, and sadly muddied.  But eventually, this is what happened, and you — who were experiencing many things connected to a relationship for the first time — – was struck with harsh realties of the human condition and human behavior.

  • The message the cards are giving me for you… 

This was a learning experience, and it’s one that you have survived.  Don’t let this one negative connection deter you from seeking friendship or love.  Besides that rare bad apple in the bushel, there’s a whole bunch of fresh beautiful honest people out there in whose company and friendship you will blossom and grow.  Take what you’ve learned, apply it where needed, and move forward in confidence with your life.

Second Chance

You didn’t get a chance to complete something in life, so the universe is going to give you another go around, another chance.  This time it would behoove you to recognize this chance, to meet the demands and the work and the energy head on, face to face.

The first time you gave this a go (and it feels like so many possibilities, because this is a general reading:  I’m getting a relationship; I’m getting something in the intellectual field; I’m getting something very personal, that is keeping itself hidden from me; and I’m also getting something that was/is pivotal to your adult life and how you live, or how you want to live); anyway, the first time you gave this a go, there was a giant mis-step.

At the end of this experience, or shall we say the second time around with this experience, you will be successful.  Some of you may be mildly successful and possibly view the outcome as rather anticlimactic after all these years of wishing for another try.  There are others who will be over-the-top ecstatic and elated at the feeling of completing something, doing something successfully, or reviving something that you thought was lost forever.

Your Daily Cards ~ Lot’s going on today

In today’s ramblings you’ll hear about a young couple grappling with a potential financial fiasco because they listened to the wrong person; you’ll hear some dire predictions coming up with The Star tarot card and Aquarius energy; there’s an eye opening moment when the true feelings about a generous and consistent individual, who feels taken for granted, is revealed — along the way we’ll have a brief discussion about my grandmother and her romantic decisions, as well as a few other personal moments.

Caught Between Two Kings ~ the lady is a player

At the time I taped this video, I was recovering from a seasonal bug that was going around. I was still exhausted and didn’t feel good on many levels, but I wanted to do a video so bad that I went ahead with it. 

The result are several strange clips of weird readings strung together. I felt so frustrated, but I continued reading after reading, until the last reading I did, the final three cards, gave us the main point of this whole thing. But what I didn’t realize until I put it all together, is that all of those seemingly “disjointed” readings, when I felt so tired and disconnected, were all actually leading to the climax. 

Tarot never ceases to amaze me.

Eyes Wide Shut ~ A Secret Revealed Brings a Tower Moment

The Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot
(The High Priestess; The Tower; The Emperor — etc.)

Someone doesn’t see it coming; or someone is deliberately trying to ignore it; or someone is in denial; or someone is not listening to that little voice in their head… Warning lights should be going off.

I started this as a written reading and decided that there was just too much here to say, so it’s a video now.  Also, for the past several days two cards have been coming up together reading, after reading… 6/cups and The Moon — with The Tower. Someone from your past is coming in with a devastating secret that will altar lives; someone from your past is coming in at a time that will prove disruptive to your life as you know it now.  Someone is coming in and going to reveal something to you that will blow you away.

So, how are you going to handle it?

Out With the Old, In With the New ~ the Queen/pentacles, don’t underestimate her

As it so often happens, this reading mirrors the written reading I did this morning for our Daily Cards. It’s kind of eerie when that happens, but it just tells us that there is a definite energy and vibe that needs expressing. Here’s a link to that reading, those daily cards, at my blog:…

Just a heads up… the Queen/pentacles at first appears oblivious and complacent about what’s going on around her. She is not. She had me fooled too, until I pulled that last batch of cards. Don’t underestimate her. If you’re lucky, she just doesn’t care. And if you’re not so lucky… well.

Caught in the Middle With You

The Deck: The Seer’s Tarot
(King/wands; 8/pentacles; Queen/swords — reversed; The Moon; 6/cups)

I’m seeing two scenarios here:

  • First, the words from an old song I vaguely recall is running through my mind — “Caught in the middle with you…”

As this King and Queen are working on their connection, their relationship, and their life, an unseen third party is quietly going on with their existence between them, in the middle.  She seems oblivious, untroubled even, intent on her work, her daily tasks.

  • Second, there is a lot of quiet, in the background work going on between this King and Queen.  There is the feeling of opposition between them right now, maybe a lot, maybe only enough to irritate the connection.  But they’re working on it.  

This could refer to fixing an existing relationship, reconnecting an old relationship, or being involved in an extracurricular relationship… that sounds odd, but that best describes it.

The Moon is so beautiful and so exquisitely problematic.  It so often exposes lies, and deception, and secrets hidden in the shadows, those dark corners of our mind and our life.  The problem with secrets, other than they represent something that must be pretty undesirable if someone doesn’t want them known, is that there is always the possibility of exposure, sooner or later.

With today’s cards, the 6 of cups shows us that there is a strong link here to someone’s past, whether memories, people, relationships, or regrets.  Maybe a sad combination of all.

My prediction… when the secrets are exposed, the couple will be successful in healing their connection.  But for the individual caught in the middle… how does the rest of that song go?

A Pajama, Ole Lady Bun, Morning Coffee Reading ~ join me

Someone is getting a second chance, and it looks like there is the very real possibility of them blowing it. Second chances have come up a lot for my readings the last week or so, but this is different. This individual risks losing everything if they can’t get it together and figure things out.

Setting Boundaries & Making Choices ~ don’t throw a wrench in the middle of it

Sometimes tarot works in mysterious ways, and sometimes it puts before us things that we’d rather not think about or acknowledge. But sometimes this is what’s needed. This is a reading for anyone who has a difficult time setting boundaries, and anyone who tends to be impulsive when it comes to choices. As the title says, “Don’t throw a wrench into what you have.”

It’s In the Cards ~ “Do I stay, or do I go…”

Seeking domestic bliss by redefining exactly what a “happy family” is suppose to be; seeking stability in your decisions and course of action; knowing when to stay and work on what you have… because it’s worth it.

Your Daily Cards

  • The Spirits Speak… (7/cups; 6/swords; 6/pentacles)

You are faced with numerous decisions. It feels mind boggling, doesn’t it. And the decision you make will determine whether you stay, or move on. I’m hearing in my head the words and music from a song.. “Do I stay, or do I go…”. There’s no longer equal give or take with a situation, and you may feel that there are difficult changes which must be made. The correct decision, and necessary changes, will return equilibrium to your existence. Good thing.

I was close!… Here ya’ go, just cause, this was the melody running through my head!

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go

Two Readings ~ everything from “double devils” to serious isolation

This reading started off as someone just getting in their own way, disrupting their ability to manifest those things in life they desire. At the end, with the last batch of cards, came the dawning realization that this was something much more serious. If you recognize yourself in this reading, please ask someone for help; if you recognize someone else in this video, please check on them.

You may be having a problem manifesting something into your life. The possibilities for success and wish-fulfilment are there, clearly, but you’re going to have to literally overcome one set of obsessions or addictions for another in order to reach your goals.

If these videos resonate with you be sure to Like and Subscribe at YouTube. I also welcome comments and feedback. At this point, I have no idea if my videos are successfully reaching viewers, or if my readings resonate with people. As much as I love doing these readings, they are a lot of work to film and to edit. I’m seriously considering shutting down shop and finding another outlet for my creative ventures. My YouTube channels are not monetized, I create these readings for the public for free. I hope that you take away something from these general tarot readings or that you were at least entertained, and I sincerely hope that we’ve made a good tarot connection… until next time, Amythyst