From The Witch’s Corner ~ Herbs for Divination & Spirit Contact

I decided at the last minute to shoot this video when I was going to prepare my oil burner with some herbs for divination and spirit contact.  I was planning on doing some divination later in the day, dealing with the topic of spirit communication, and my girls had been at me for a long … Continue reading From The Witch’s Corner ~ Herbs for Divination & Spirit Contact

My Pendulums! (video) ~ I carry a "Divination Bag" in my purse, and I'll show you what's inside!Thank you for watching, liking, and sharing my videos, and please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.The Witch's Corner ~http://amythystraine.blogspot.comMagickal Connections ~http://wytchymystique.comThe Tarot Parlour ~http://tarotreadingswithamythystraine.blogspot.comBooks by Amythyst Raine ~ Music ~Avec Soin – Romance by Kevin MacLeod is … Continue reading My Pendulums! (video)

Scorpio ~ Zodiac Tarot Reading for August (video!)

Scorpio ~ August Reading 2016The Deck:  Tarot of the Witches, by Fergus HallThe Witch's Corner ~http://amythystraine.blogspot.comThe Tarot Parlour ~http://tarotreadingswithamythystraine.blogspot.comMagickal Connections ~ Rising Sign Calculator: Moon Sign Calculator: BOOKS, by author Amythyst Raine @ Amazon ~ Music ~Avec Soin - Romance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Woman Speak

My Google Hangout: Woman Speak Premiering: FRIDAY, January 9th, 3pm-3:30pm CST My Google Profile: Explore the world of women, witches, and pagans on a variety of levels at Woman Speak. Reconnect with The Goddess. Find healing, empowerment, and sisterhood through Matriarchal Divinity. The topics are pagan, occult, new-age, paranormal, and supernatural. The topics will … Continue reading Woman Speak

Tarot: 2 of Swords

What a dilemma-- you're walking a tightrope with no safety net.  You have decisions to make.  You have to decide which way to go, but there are so many obstacles standing between you and an intelligent solution to your predicament.  This card also emphasizes to me how much of life we stumble through without being aware, … Continue reading Tarot: 2 of Swords