Steampunk Bleu

The Collection   Necklace #1 Necklace #1 (Turquoise Sphere) $20.00  Necklace #2 Necklace #2 (Peace) $20.00 Necklace #3   Necklace #3 (Eiffel Tower) $20.00 Necklace #4   Necklace #4 (Gears) $20.95 Sold! Earrings #1 Earrings #1 (Eiffel Tower) $12.95 Earrings #2   Earrings #2 (Skeleton Key) $12.95 Sold!  Earrings #3 Earrings #3 (Blue Beads) $12.95 … Continue reading Steampunk Bleu

New Spells/Items Up at Enchanted Jewelry

New Items!The following items, plus much more, can be found at: The following rings come from India.  They are silvertone and adjustable.  The stones are genuine, huge, and heavy...not to mention gorgeous.  I've added several of these pieces to my own collection.brown agateHathor's Myrrh Healing Spell Agates come in a multitude of colors, each of which retains its … Continue reading New Spells/Items Up at Enchanted Jewelry

Enchanted Jewelry…Spirit Guides & Goddesses

White Fire Opal-- .925 Silver-- size 6Guardian Angel SpellWhatever the spiritual path that you follow, you most likely believe that you are watched over by a spiritual entity.  Depending upon whether you are Catholic, Pagan, follow a Native American quest, or almost any other religion, your protective spirit may come with many titles:  spirit guide, totem, … Continue reading Enchanted Jewelry…Spirit Guides & Goddesses