The Witch’s Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

All questions are posted as received, no editing (except to delete identities), as all questions are posted anonymously.  You can contact me through the submission form in the side-bar on the home page at my website The Witch’s Corner.  (Hopefully I haven't repeated any questions I've already answered in a previous blog post, but if … Continue reading The Witch’s Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

Steampunk Bleu

The Collection   Necklace #1 Necklace #1 (Turquoise Sphere) $20.00  Necklace #2 Necklace #2 (Peace) $20.00 Necklace #3   Necklace #3 (Eiffel Tower) $20.00 Necklace #4   Necklace #4 (Gears) $20.95 Sold! Earrings #1 Earrings #1 (Eiffel Tower) $12.95 Earrings #2   Earrings #2 (Skeleton Key) $12.95 Sold!  Earrings #3 Earrings #3 (Blue Beads) $12.95 … Continue reading Steampunk Bleu

Metal Magick

I've got new bracelet/ring sets in at Enchanted Jewelry, beautifully handcrafted from alpaca silver, brass, and copper.  There are a variety of styles, but only five sets available at this time.  The rings average a size 8. Copper Energy: receptive (feminine) Planet: Venus Element: Water Powers: direction energy; healing; luck; love; protection; money During ancient … Continue reading Metal Magick

May Updates: Heading into Summer

I’m happy to be back to business as usual, more or less, and I’ve resumed tarot readings, including personal private local readings. If you live in or near the Fremont, Nebraska, area, you can receive a personal reading with me by going to this page (click Here) and purchasing a private reading through the Paypal … Continue reading May Updates: Heading into Summer

The Witch’s Corner: Updates & More

Tarot: Card of the Day Eight of Swords Someone is feeling trapped in a situation they see no resolution to. Does this mean that you give up trying to find the right answer? No. I believe that part of this problem could actually be too much introspection and not enough honest evaluation. Stop thinking of … Continue reading The Witch’s Corner: Updates & More

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet/Neclace Combos   33" length The bracelet/necklace combos offered below are the same style as shown above (at Enchanted Jewelry).  However, these necklaces contain genuine magnetized hematite stones in combination with colored beads. You'll find a link to Enchanted Jewelry below.   The energy of hematite is projective (male); its planet is Saturn; the element Fire.  … Continue reading Magnetic Therapy Bracelets