What’s in the August Newsletter?

The August newsletter video:

As I was taping this episode the weather was becoming *Darker and Darker and Darker* and soon it began to rain, so during various sections of this video you may hear the rhythmic plunk, plunk plunk of water leaking around the sky-lights on my porch roof, you may hear the steady sound of rain, and occasionally the wind will rise. It’s all good. There’s a nice Q&A section at the beginning where I explain a little bit about my online coven experience and why I won’t do it again; you’ll also hear some court case questions, as well as other questions and answers dealing with Black Cat Oil and the use of Rosemary & Amythyst in the bedroom. The second portion of this video deals with my personal experience with Independent Publishing. I really believe that this is a new wave for the future. There’s also informal chatting about writing, deciding to write a book, and snippets of all kinds of ideas based around this topic. Hope you enjoy our visit though this video and the awesome summer weather!!

Other videos include:

Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way
The Witch’s Corner ~ Florida Water, Lode Stones, Love Magick


  1.  August Moon
  2.  August Moon Magick
  3.  Pagan Holiday
  4.  Lammas
  5.  August ~ Crafting Your Magick
  6.  Radio Interview ~ with Spaced Out Radio and host David Scott
  7.  Tarot Lesson Today ~ Princess of Swords
  8.  Binding a Gossip
  9.  Plantain ~ Magickal & Mundane
  10.  Money Magick ~ What else could it be?

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What’s in TWC Newsletter for July?

The Witch’s Corner Newsletter ~ http://www.thewitchscornernewsletter.yolasite.com/july-2018.php

Below are the articles and essays you’ll find in the July issue of The Witch’s Corner Newsletter ~

  1.  This is Magick
  2.  21 Summer Memories
  3.  The King of Cups
  4.  Elemental Invocation
  5.  July’s Moon and Moon Magick
  6.  July ~ Crafting Your Magick
  7.  Crystals and Stones ~ A Crystal Grid (video)
  8.  Herbs and Planetary Connections
  9.  The Newsletter Video
  10.  Special Tarot Offer for July

and more…

"Earthing" is something we all need to do more often to "ground" us all !!! <<<Agreed. Yet another reason why I rarely wear shoes. Used to get in trouble quite a bit for frequently taking them off(especially at work). XD

The Witch’s Corner July Newsletter ~ And Newsletter Video!

The Witch’s Corner July Newsletter is out! ~


Welcome to July’s Newsletter!

You’re going to LOVE the Special Offer for July!  When you purchase a 3-Card Audio Tarot Reading, you’ll receive a FREE Crystal Quartz Pendant!  Scroll all the way to the bottom of this newsletter and use the Paypal widget found there for this Special Offer.  This offer will run until July 31st, or while supplies last.

I had a blast creating the July Newsletter Video.  It’s basically a conglomeration of questions from my blog readers on the topics of binding/hexing, court case spells, spells for the tongue, protection, and lots of other personal, off-the-cuff, spontaneous stuff.  (I obviously didn’t have a formal itinerary!)  Below this video, in the newsletter, you’ll find links to my Book of Shadows that pertain to the spells involved and the questions asked.  Have fun! ~ and Witch Away!!

This month’s newsletter is filled with all kinds of random information, articles, topics, videos, and Magick. ~Enjoy!

I’m also posting THIS MONTH’S VIDEO in this blog because there are blog readers waiting for answers to their questions.  Thank you so much for taking the time to post your questions.  We all wish you the best!  We hope that you can find solutions to the circumstances you face, and find answers to the questions you seek.  Bright Blessings from The Witch’s Corner.



The Witch’s Corner Newsletter ~ February 2018

I am so excited about this newsletter.  I finally got my shyte together with this project and in the process even went back and updated January’s debut issue, adding several things that were left out and needed to be included, so you might want to revisit this page.  I’ve also set it up visually, musically, color-wise, and with a decent almost magazine page feel about it for the format.  I feel comfortable now with the background, the color scheme, the greenery and waterfalls, and smiling Buddha.

I’m pleased as punch to send off (early) February’s edition, and here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

This month let’s look at the energy for February and what we could be, should be, working on right now for manifestation that will enrich our lives.  You’ll also find a spell for the Gray Witch dealing with removing hexes, cleansing afterwards, and making sure the perpetrator gets the message.  You’ll find a video of ambient high-frequency music provided for your listening pleasure as you browse this newsletter.  Also, I’m going to be taping a new monthly video created just for this newsletter that will be informal, informative, cover a multitude of goddess knows what topics, and sometimes it might even get personal.  Of course, there will be lots of other gems and nuggets ~ Read on!   And please feel free to pass this newsletter on to a friend.


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A Brief: things I love & things I hate

*Note: I may be re-posting a re-post. Quite honestly, I’ve written so much that I don’t remember what I’ve posted where anymore. However, I may have a few things to add to this– yes, I believe I do. I re-read this while having coffee this morning, and there was just something about it that scratched the itch in my soul.

witchgirlbrm---Copy1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
Things I like and why…maybe.
I love moonlight— I remember laying on Grandma’s couch in the bay windows of her large kitchen one summer night and raising up in the dark to hold my arms out in the moonlight that was spilling through the glass. My arms looked all puny, and white, and ghostly, and the moonlight felt good on my skin…the same way some people claim that the sun feels good on theirs.
Chocolate…this is a mandatory like for all females. It contributes to our feelings of well-being, our energy level, and our rear ends, but in a good way. 😉 It’s used to alleviate guilt, stress, anger, and jealousy. It soothes the soul and adds to the ambiance of our lives– sort of like a gentle ‘Ommmm’, or one of Deuters CDs.
I love autumn. I love the beautiful and vibrant colors- golden hues, maize, browns, tans; the warm colors- shades of orange and red. The smell of dry autumn leaves in damp earth is one of my favorite scents. I love deep blue autumn skies as a backdrop for the trees. I love the sound of geese overhead, flying south; the influx of wild birds and squirrels at our feeders; the crisp mornings that are a balm from a hot summer; the bounty that comes with a garden harvest, pumpkins and gourds. I love the occasional foggy, chilly, mist-in-the-air, gray day. I love the primeval urge to bake spicy breads and pies; the smell of hot coffee; and the warm golden puddles of light from my candles, which were lit early to soften the growing darkness.
blackcat.jpg picture by witch_of_endoreCats…they wreak of mysticism, they know what they know, and they keep secrets. Cats don’t pressure you for emotions you don’t feel like showing. They know when to crawl into your lap and seek your attention and affection, and they know when to retreat into the shadows and leave your space open and clear. Cats walk with spirits and commune with fairies; they don’t encompass magick, they are magick.
I love rain…I love the smell of it, the sight of it, the sound of it. I love the dark steel gray days that go with rain. I love the cozy solitude found indoors on rainy days- someone hunkered over a book in a pool of lamp light; a pretty teapot, full of jasmine tea, nestled on a trivet; cats curled into furry balls on the couch and kitchen chairs. I love the way drops of rain slide down the window-panes. I love the rumble of thunder in the distance and loud claps of thunder overhead. I love the way tree trunks look darker and more well-defined and sidewalks smell of damp forest pathways.
Things I hate— and yes, it’s perfectly okay to ‘Hate’ something. It’s an honest human emotion, like love and lust, only no one wants to acknowledge it because we were raised in a mostly Christian society that attempts to pigeon hole human emotions and appetites as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Yep, you go right ahead and hate anything you feel a hankering to hate. Once in a while we hit on something to hate and we hate it so much it gives us enough gumption to change it.
I hate the dead of winter…it wreaks of hopelessness and the fact that there’s no way out, because none can be seen at this point. It’s not early enough winter to look pretty, and it’s not near enough spring to look hopeful– it’s just plain dirty and cold, gray and dark.
I hate a liar…My grandmother told me that this is one of the most dangerous creatures walking the planet. The very nature of what they are makes them impossible to fight.
I hate the idea of legal marriage. It is absurd to think that you need to receive a sanction of approval from a judicial system to be seen by the world as a legitimate couple. Not only do you have to pay a fee to obtain a ‘license’ so that someone deemed ‘legally qualified’ can marry you. Should the marriage not work out, you have to pay a great deal of money to this same judicial system so that you can extricate yourself from what I consider a personal relationship. As far as I’m concerned, Wiccans finally got it right with ‘Handfasting’…after all, if you know that the other party can end the contract with no fuss every year and a day, seems like everyone might work harder to keep the magic going. This sure beats the hell out of the Christian alternative– you stay with someone forever, until you die, whether you’re happy or not.
I hate “Mean Girl Mentality”. This phenomena is usually sistered up with “Group Mentality”, and when you put both of these disease ridden syndromes together, it becomes lethal…lethal to common sense, good manners, and courtesy.


Quote for the day:

People spend a lifetime searching for happiness, looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.
~ Romana L. Anderson

A Block of Work Which Merits Re-posting

Some of the following commentary and excerpts from various essays have been posted before, here or there, can’t remember all where. “Are You Empathic?” is actually a new piece that will be included in the March newsletter from my website, consider this an early preview.

The following essays and commentary are my own and are copyrighted. You can not reproduce this body of work in any form without my written consent. Contact Lady Amythyst at: witch_of_endore@yahoo.com

© 2006 Amythyst Raine, The Witch’s Corner


Most people have a certain amount of empathy (sympathetic feelings) for other human beings and even animals. It is this natural empathy that stirs compassion and in turn sets in motion good deeds, well-wishes, prayers, assistance, and mercy. But being empathic goes one step further. An empath can ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ the emotions of those people around them. When someone is talking face to face with an empath, the substance of their words will shine in bright contrast to their true feelings. An empath will know when you are lying to them. They will actually feel your dislike or approval, acutely. An empath will pick up the smallest of nuances in the expression of the eyes, the twitch of a facial muscle, an almost unnoticeable inflection in the voice.

But aside fromkeen awareness to these physical cues that most people are oblivious to, an empath will be able to feel someone else’s emotions as though they were their own. This phenomenon is amplified in large crowds and can become overwhelming and uncomfortable, as well as physically draining; which is why many empaths learn, over the years, how to block and shield themselves from other people’s emotions. It’s a necessary survival mechanism for many super-sensitive empaths. It’s also why some avoid circumstances involving large crowds of people.

Being empathic brings a different dimension to how you view the world, how you feel about specific people and circumstances, and decisions that you make. Would you want to know how certain people in your life really feel about you? About decisions and choices you have made? Would you like to feel other people’s approval, admiration, dislike, envy, disapproval— all without a word spoken? This is not always the blessing many people think it would be. It often sends you on an emotional rollercoaster. The phenomenon of this quirky psychic overload certainly reveals your true friends, but it also reveals adversaries that may wear the cloak of friendship, ulterior motives, as well as other shocking revelations.

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(The following is an excerpt from a longer work…)

About being grounded and at peace…for me that’s something that has come with time and age. I’ve been through three divorces in my life, uncertainty, fluctuations– financial, spiritual, mental, a variety of paths, faced a number of irritating obstacles, etc. I finally *arrived*…that’s what it feels like to turn 50. I don’t know why people dread aging and especially dread middle-age. This has been the best time of my life. I know who I am, what I believe, what I want out of life, the path I desire. I like myself, my world, my choices, and the energy around me. It’s a hoot!

About men and commitment…This is the one thing I would change about my life if I could go back and make different decisions. I would choose to find myself first, to be a whole person on my own. I would strive for financial independence, spiritual freedom, dreams and goals that were mine alone. Only then would I choose to take on a partner and become one of a pair– and even then, I’m sure I would insist on maintaining that unique mental independence that makes me who I am.

Commitment is a strange thing. It means different things to different people. I have one lady who is absolutely tormented at the fact that her lover, who recently went through a devastating divorce, won’t marry her. At the other end of the spectrum, my Aunt has been with her man for almost 40 years. They were never legally married, but they are more committed to each other than many people I’ve seen who are. Commitment doesn’t necessarily come with a slip of paper from our judicial system– it comes from the heart.

Christianity has warped our sense of humanity with it’s myriad rules and policies that try to dehumanize us. Not every relationship is meant to be ‘forever’. It’s a rare thing, as a matter of fact. I’ve only seen two couples in my life who were true soul mates and were in love and happy with their relationship until the end of their lives. I’ve seen many more who lived out a miserable existence, barely tolerating each other, because they believed it was expected of them.

Anyone lucky enough to find love should enjoy it while it lasts, whether it’s for a season, a life time, or a fleeting miraculous minute.

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(The following is an excerpt from a longer work…)

About ‘being out’…I’m so used to being Pagan that I really don’t think anything about it, no more than if I were Lutheran or Jewish or whatever.

My mother is a witch. She has never tried to hide what she is and yet she has never deliberately flaunted it. But anyone walking into her home would know immediately that she is not Donna Reed.

My dad is a shaman, the ‘ole gray wizard’ he calls himself. They live in the west and he hikes the trails in the Rocky Mountains as if it were his own backyard. He climbs up above the timberline to perform solitary rituals. He says there’s nothing like it.

My grandmother was a woman fascinated by the occult. I grew up surrounded by books and conversation on astrology, numerology, and a wide assortment of paranormal topics. She was forever checking her astrological charts before any major decisions or doctor’s appointments. She had her own little ‘rituals’ and odd things she did, but she never would have thought to fit herself with the title of witch. I think that’s funny.

My youngest sister practices witchcraft, as well as two of my cousins, and three of my own daughters.

I guess, growing up with paganism in one form or another, I didn’t always realize how ‘different’ it would seem to people. I know that sometimes I get some strange looks from someone here or there, and I know that when people meet me, some will like me and others won’t– but that’s the way it goes. And those that don’t like me may not have liked me if I were pagan or not, or they may not be worth the effort it would take to get them to like me…insidious little circle, isn’t it?

Since I home school, I’ve never run into the grade school and high school ‘Mean Girls’ with my children– thank Goddess, I had enough of those when I was in school…needless to say I never fit in, I was always a little odd, but they couldn’t put their finger on exactly why. lol!!

I find that the older I get the less I care about other people’s opinions. I also find that Pagan Rights is becoming a more and more important issue for me. I hope I don’t offend anyone– but I think that Christianity is one of the worst things to have happened to the world. It’s such a do or die, my way or the highway, unforgiving institution. It’s a bully.

I must say that the worst case of disrespect and bigotry I’ve experienced has come from my husband’s family. They are an ultra-conservative Iowa farm family who has nothing to do with us because I am a “Witch”– I figure good for them, that’s one less holiday meal I’ll be responsible for. I don’t have to listen to my husband’s sisters-in-law whine, I don’t have to put up with his brothers’ moods and life goes on here in our little household with a peaceful grace.

I guess I’m comfortable with my path and with who I am, so much so that I don’t think about it all that much. I imagine, being raised in this house, that my children will be the same way.

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To Whom It May Concern:

Publicly, you say all the right things; you display all the right images. You nurture a magickal persona, a nuance. You portray yourself as an authority on everything, and you have tricked other people into believing that you are just that. You act as an authority of steel that smacks down free thought for everyone but yourself…”My way is the only way.”…How many religions and cults and egotists have spouted those words?

At first I was charmed and awed by you, just as everyone else. But then I began to notice little chinks in the public persona, just little things at first, but enough to put a spark of doubt about you in my mind.

Then Jerry Falwell died and you posted a blog about his death.

As a pagan, he was about as far removed from my world and the spectrum of my spirituality as he could get. I didn’t pay any attention at all to this man—until he died and you posted that blog.

I was shocked.

The viciousness of your words, the complete lack of humanity was appalling. It was the epitome of bad taste and poor judgment and showed a complete lack of compassion for a fellow human being. It was vicious and mean. This blog grated against all the other quiet authoritarian, “wise woman”, sage words that you had posted before…and, as I rightly suspected, this was your real voice.

You slipped up here, exposing your real personality, if only briefly. But I knew it was only a matter of time until the artificial veneer that you nurture so carefully would crack, exposing the genuine ugliness that lay below.

Jerry Falwell? I didn’t know him, didn’t follow him, and probably would not have given his death a second thought—but then I read your blog.

Regardless of his religious beliefs or his politics…he was merely another human being among the millions on earth. He was a man slogging through life as we all are– rising to an alarm clock, driving through traffic, paying his taxes, brushing his teeth.

And then he died.

Now he was a man who would never hold his wife again, never dance at a grandchild’s wedding, never offer a comforting hug to his children, never watch a sunset, have coffee with a friend, or pet a dog. Strip away from him all the labels society placed upon him, and it simplifies things tremendously…

He was a man who died.

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It’s Name is Fear

I can feel something lurking near me, something insidious and full of guile and malice. It’s a sheer white mist that has its origins deep within human minds, curling and twisting its way from eyes to arms to fingertips, to computer keys. It creeps like a fog, swirling around desks and keyboards, creeping around still bodies caught in rapt concentration, their faces illuminated by the screens before them.

And it speaks…”you can’t”, “you must”, “thou shalt”, “thou shalt not”, “you will be punished”, “you will be sorry”, “tremble before me”…

It is the ghost of Christianity wearing a cloak of narrow-mindedness. And slinking along close behind it is a twisted, ugly creature, its predatory eyes darting here and there, searching for prey. Its name is Fear.

Its eyes suddenly open wide in shock and recognition—there is a being too elusive for Fear to touch. It senses her very near now and a shiver runs through its crippled frame. He sees her then. She steps from the shadows of the trees, tall and proud, the soft breeze gently lifting her hair. A flicker of emotion changes Fear’s eyes for the briefest moment.

This being raises her arms, slowly spreading her hands, her fingertips. She empties her lungs and takes a deep breath and can instantly feel the tingling on the souls of her bare feet as the energy of the earth is drawn upward, into her body. It rises swiftly, coming faster and getting stronger until it makes the skin on her legs rise in goose flesh. It begins to rush upward, through her thighs and her pelvis, her torso. Her arms begin to tremble, her hands to shake—the energy overtakes her and she turns the palms of her hands toward Fear.

For a brief instant his grotesque, deformed face reflects his own persona…and then he disappears in a shattering of colored particles, dispersed in time and place.

The witch drops to her knees, overcome yet with the energy still coursing through her body. She gently places the palms of her hands flat on the ground and feels the release and rush as the energy returns from whence it came. Her shoulders slump and she sighs in relief.

It is done.