PODCAST, Requested ~ Making Things Right

The most important piece of information coming out of this expanded reading today is that someone has to step up to the plate and take responsibility. They need to take responsibility for making things wrong, so that they can make things right.


PODCAST, Requested: Where did he go?

Where did he go?… He’s living his truth. Watch the video and come to your own conclusions.

This reading was requested from my previous “Short n’ Sweet” video, which contained 8 scenarios. A link to the video that birthed today’s expanded reading is included in this video. As always, if any of theses short scenarios connect with you and you would like to request an expanded reading on the topic, you can email me:

If one of these scenarios resonates with you and you would like an expanded reading on the subject, email me at: witch_of_endore@yahoo.com

Type “Expanded Reading” in the subject line, and let me know which card/scenario it is that you want me to expand on.

*Note ~ these readings are FREE, and these readings are done for entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee that every request will result in a video.

PODCAST ~ Requested (2nd time): Women in Opposition

This scenario has struck a chord, so here we are again, a second requested expanded reading for the Short n’ Sweet scenario titled: Women in Opposition.

Today’s video includes expanded readings for: 

1) The wife… Queen of pentacles

2) The mistress… Queen of cups

3) The man between them… King of cups 

Let the saga continue. 

The Short n’ Sweet reading that started it all… 

The first requested reading to expand on this scenario… 

PODCAST ~ Requested: The Hermit & Relationships, expanded

Requested: The Hermit & a Potential New Relationship, expanded. Here’s a link to the original video with the short n’ sweet reading that birthed this scenario…https://youtu.be/E0qo8h15J9M

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