What’s in the cards for you?

You’ll find the following three cards and interpretations at the link provided.  This was a general three-card draw for love, finance, and future possibilities.  This is a free tarot reading, courtesy of The Tarot Parlour.

Today’s Free Reading

Card #1/Love… 5/WANDS

Card #2/Finances… 7/CUPSCard

#3/Future Possibilities… KING/PENTACLES

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Free Tarot Reading ~ Pick a Card (video)

Time Stamps: Card #1/00:33; Card #2/3:40; Card #3/6:38
Be sure to watch the *OUTTAKES* at the end of this video! (You know, the stuff you’re not suppose to see)
The Tarot Parlour ~

Music ~ by the amazing Kevin MacLeod courtesy of the Youtube Library.

Aquarius ~ Here’s Your FREE In-Depth Reading! (video)

Hello, Aquarius!  You are the FEATURED Zodiac Sign this month, and here is your FREE in-depth reading for January 2017.  I’m using the Celtic Cross Spread and Green Witch tarot.

If you would like to book a PERSONAL reading with me, follow this link:

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Drawing for Free Audio Tarot Reading

Hello, World!…In order to celebrate the successful move of The Witch’s Corner to it’s new location, I’m going to be holding a drawing for a FREE Audio Tarot Reading.  I use a 6 card spread for this reading, and audio readings run anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

How do you enter the drawing for a FREE Audio Tarot Reading?

Simple…Just visit The Witch’s Corner and leave a comment, along with your email address, at the bottom of the Home Page.  Your name will automatically be added to the pot for the drawing.  Audio Tarot Readings are emailed to recipients as an attachment which can be opened or downloaded.

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The drawing will be held on AUGUST 15th, and the winner will receive their free reading through an email within 5 days of that date.

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Updated ~ Free Tarot Reading/Pick a Card (video!)

Today’s deck:  Motherpeace Tarot
Here’s your choices for today’s cards, posted on 11-14-2015
Use the Time Stamps to go directly to the card of your choice:
Card #1:  01.11               Card #2:  04.30               Card #3:  06.47

Free Tarot Reading ~ Pick-a-Card

Today’s deck:  The Rider/Waite Deck
Here’s your choices for today’s cards, posted on 10-21-2015
Use the Time Stamps to go directly to the card of your choice:
Card #1:  00.18 ~ Card #2:  03.25 ~ Card #3:  08.00

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