Desert Reading ~ Monthly Check-in Spread

The main message that came through for today's cards: Don't repeat past mistakes, or you'll wind up right back where you started. You can purchase a Personal "Monthly Check-in" reading at this link: click HERE Current Self Theme of the Month Key Goal Obstacle to Overcome Major Accomplishment What to Avoid What to Embrace Where … Continue reading Desert Reading ~ Monthly Check-in Spread

Today’s Free Tarot Reading

This reading is brought to you from The Tarot Parlour FB Page. You can visit this page to view and read cards I've been pulling over the past several days. Subscribe or Follow this page to receive updates. If you would like a personal reading, geared specifically to you and your energy and your circumstances, … Continue reading Today’s Free Tarot Reading

What do you need to take care of yourself? ~ tarot spread

Physically ~ Ace of Swords For some of you... there are unpleasant physical reactions to other people's harsh words, criticism, and negative intentions. It's very easy for someone less sensitive to tell you that you have to get a grip on this, we all know that it's just not that simple. The problem is that … Continue reading What do you need to take care of yourself? ~ tarot spread